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Zachary Miles

Dat A$AP tho

Tomáš Štědrý

Top game

Charesse Augustijn

Which app do you use

Chris Watts

search up dauclips dude crazy. absolutely unreal stuff

nigga mobile

hahaha fuckin noob

Aidan Cael

Fuck this edge lord SJW bullshit. #arrestBrody! #AdultFail

Stratus Shock

Reality just hit me at 1:07 who actuallycarries $1,400 cash on them

Courtney Mar

shes so bad at vlogging.

Gary Chen

00:10BGM???? please


N here i wanna be a boy


New orleans*

James G

5:46 why is peter parker grey


May 2019⬇️😁

Jenny Cina

Have Alex Morgan come in!!!

Vaun Douxxx


Blake Brown

Loser Tyler


i scratched myself while sleeping

josiah jackson

i love them ❤

Landon Sizemore


AceLovesDIYs Christopher

Uh Peter parker is actually a gen z not a millennial.


Stereotypes ftw

chris brunemeyer

i thought it was checkers

Just send them a loading screen 😂😂

Brooks Buck

does it annoy anyone else that he says goal

Colin Smith

i saw the Winnie the Pooh easter egg today and i didnt even stop to look at it


Gad sufferer here, after almost two years of therapy, medication, lifestyle and mindset changes, things have gotten so much better for me, I’m much more positive and my anxiety doesn’t control my life. You can pull through it, don’t hesitate to ask for help, and don’t forget you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Ain't nobody got time fo dat. Lol

F A I S A L - A L S H E H R I

f*** USA

Philip Jazz

Just if you missed: in the diner's WC you can see Fire Walk With Me written and overcrossed. It is being alone.

love always forever


James' Channel

that's not how you spell GIANT...


My video for Black Ops 4: Blackout was deleted because it's pending approval by Activision. I'm working with them on it, and they told me they're still clearing it for publishing. It should be up next weekend.

Kenzie Blanchard

Who is panda?

The Platinum Knight

I love this game.


As much as I like Shannon, this is the reason I stopped watching this show. Skip's dislike for LeBron and Steph is beyond me. These guys have been to 14 finals combined, winning 6, and this guy has nothing but negativity to talk. These pundits are pathetic.

Sincerely, Evan

Eating disorders aren't diets. Eatind dissorders are serious mental health problems that could kill you. Pro Ana websites are disgusting and should be taken down. Incouraging others to stop eating is horrible. Pro Ana is ALSO romanticizing EDs. Making anorexia into a character, thinspiration, and 'fun' low cal recipes litter the websites. It makes EDs seem cool and trendy. Pro Ana needs to stop.

Hayden Adams

I got Tyler seguins number on my math test


Because Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 1943 are all games made by Dice, featuring this exact same map.

Yami Yugi

How dramatic do you want this movie to be?Disney Studios: Yes

Omer Fajar

Good show

Chaos Crasher

Oh schätze Deutschland wird 2014Weltmeister

Penguin Empire

How about the theory that Pokémon are humans🤔

alp baba

Why pizza car

Guido Post


Jason Shay

mr. GRU where is the YouTuber called Mr excellent and I saw a couple Easter Egg videos she made and most of them are stolen from you wash his hitman absolution videos and put in Saints Row 4 videos you will notice if its stolen but he put a new intro and he changes the words

10) Somehow he manages to write a letter on his deathbed and get you candy and give it to his cousin to deliver to you. please sub :(


Jay and silent bob :0

Please Subscribe


Charlotte Haha


Lea Eustaquio


If I had the choice to bully that girl or not, I would just tell that other bitch to shut the fuck up and go help the girl who’s depressed and make her feel better!

Top Corner Krafts

O just realized it's elon musk

kawaiicorns :P

2:22 oh My It'S A BiBle

Alisha Hr


Bee Videos

I don’t go to gym

king garu

Awesome video

Sonya Werner

PANNNNDAAAAAA noooooooo!!!


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