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Чарльз Дарвин

Р. О. С. С. И. Я

Emilio Lira

I'm saying it feels like a M. Night Shymalan film mixed with a bit of Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf, a smidgeon of Musical-Comedy and a touch of fairy tale.

Sahil Nadothi

So funny 2018 I lovet Do 😊👌😊👌

Caldron See



4:01 You sit on a Throne of Lies you scumbag!!!!!!!!!!

James Prather

7.7 thousand people need their craniums checked.


1:36 this wookie looks fucking bizarre


Ok sorry but this girl is literally about to die, and all she cares is about her stupid hair? There are more serious things happening to the world like kids in Africa dying because they starve to death and people with cancer, and all she's whining about it's her stupid hair. I don't have cancer, but I have ugly ass short hair and It's not like I cry about and she's about to die, but yet she cares about her hair..... ok.

Suhaila Yokhana

First I love your videos if you love your fans then pin this comment

Alexandra Jusino

That third one was twinkle twinkle.

once my friend eliza she got a boyfriend named oliver and they dated alot and a few monthes later oliver started going out at nigt during like 9:00 or 8:00 so i got concerned and spyed at him when i was walking by the coffee shop and i saw him with another girl and i got so mad and felt bad for eliza so when i saw oliver i ran to them and i slapped oliver really hard and i slapped his new gf who was soo rude and i said to her get a job then i ran away and turns out oliver blocked me on instagram facebook hes so stupid

Scooby Doo

3:20 has to be my favorite part by far

buttermilk chicken sandwich with medium fries andmedium coke.

clarke yap

I love all your videos guys!!! Keep it up!

Forrest sos

What's even more interesting is the depth of that water, Now thats amazing.


I think I have GAD


Thumbs up if OpTic Predator sent you here

Shabs Pasha

all of them

Slow Bro

Wait why is a swordfish more then a shark

Gal Cohen

Best way to stand against a bully is to beat him up in front of everyone in school


I love the 1st Far Cry 4 Easter Egg

Jake Chimiak

Here we go fake ass ace fam lol starting right from the intro

Za Zajy

I laughed so hard xD, it should be "Try not to laugh"

Oofy Blake

Bruh yoy are beatiful way you are

K Kyoootz

ok yea whatever story is cool. but anybody ever seen the floating bench top right corner?

Sniperslayer 194

Minnesota is better

Cody P

Team Ty all the way

Michelle Eve Murphy

Get yourself a Polly

Rose Fox

This video reminds me of my dad because he always ignores me a lot and we never talk and he always tells me to shut up......

Konnichiwawakawaka Ahobaka

Thank god my bf is good to me. He never blames me. If we have fight, we get out of it together. I still say sorry for everything that happens bc I was emotionally abused by my ex friends. But my bf told me that I don't need to say sorry, if I haven't done anything. Im glad that I have him.


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