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Disclaimer"All Characters in the following video are fully and finally all set to get Roasted, Toasted and Wasted. The Roast is done mutually in an effort to create realistic and truthful entertainment.Dayavittu naavu helodella Nambabedi, Nambi Mutthaalaraagabedi... Sumne yenu thale kedskolde ee video nodi.""Roast andre yenu antha gothaagabekaadre Roast (comedy) na Google maadi. nammanna Bitbidi."Vikram Yoganand | Pavan Venugopal | Gautam NayakDon't forget to Subscribe, Like & Share this video among all your friends.Please click here to subscribe us:

Caleb Grim


Kurtis Stryker

the music is just wow

jackhammer kid


Dagmawi Asrat Vlogs

Ethiopia is my country

Amanda Mo

coby is of corse going to get a win

Night Alexis



You just HAD to use the Fabulous Secret Powers version...not just the regular old Four Non-Blondes one...

JaCoB Di lullo

the gold éléphants is a référence to Battlefield Hardline Easter Egg in Chinatown


According to my calculations I have this wrapped up

Aiden sharifi

cody’s definitely gonna win

Xxsassy Girlsxx

So sad

Lorence Samson

It was mario


Olivetti 04


Katarina Pesic

i am from Serbia too

Claudia Hernandez

The baby looks like a boy, I’m usually right about every ultrasound I see, and the baby definitely looks like a boy, Congratulations 💙 so excited for you guys! 😊

lxReo89xl Imo

I know how my girl feels now when i be walkin😂 she always tries to explain it to me but this just helped me a ton


Great video Kylie

1.say you inspire me to not be you saw that coming.

Carlos Herrera

dam that es hard

Emily Guerrero

grayson beat ethan on that last one !

Micah Molden

i only watch for the rages!

Tyler Dahl

what’s the song ??

Tamus Heath

number 1, that is the whole point of this video

Sharkbaitdestroyer Animation

Dylan is so cool

Europeans are just as dumb as us... proven here RIP my guy

Kenton Hampton

Russ the QB

yo Pierre u wanna come out here

I have type 1 diabetes to it really sucks

Prisca Lau

A hair ad just popped out before this video

Sofia Pastor

So.....what ur saying now my mom? watch from 7:55

asfaf asdqewe

@yohansenamann Because your Dad touched you when you were a kid


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