Rajnangaon Dental College News

Wassim Elnayeb

You must be high cause this video made Me cry from laughing

pat walsh

Dofog cannon trick shots

•aaliyah and friends•

Me: MOM MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!!! Im happy (≧∇≦)/


I'm happy she stayed strong I the middle of the video I was worried she took him back with no consequences but I'm glad she didn't , stay strong girl!

Ayisha Shormekun

We need to STOP abusive mother's


Good point, why no mexican team? NBA racist?


You forgot the hidden cheat menu in the database on campaign.

Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

That's amazing where the base ball goes through the windows. couldn't have been going to fast. but still amazing.

Monkey Bananas


wilson leffler

in 2019

Princey Prodz

godly song transitions

sasha charter

If I can do it you can posivity is key love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amanda Chantel

No words can express ur loss and grief. A loss of a family meme er is the toughest, especially when they love you UNCONDITIONALLY. I lost a pup 3 years ago and just know you will heal in time but take it one day at a time. Do something incredible for her. Something that will make her memory last forever. She is looking down at you in doggy heaven and will be there when it’s your time. Xoxoxox


I love the commentary

Jason Bautista



Very nice, but the main question is - can I put my weed in there?


Rip Levon's hairline

Random Person

Loved the vid but I had to dislike the vid because it had 911 dislikes I just save hundreds of lives

GamEd uP

The skydiver

Sashai Agarwal


yoitsjeffrey A

Nobody: HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHhahHaHhAhaHaAhAhahaHahhahah..


Why you ask for 800 likes? Youre Videos are awesome ! ask for 10000!

Mradul Agrawal

I love their life

Conman Vlogs


Dieu Duong

Anh lam van truon di anh

Joenel Saracho

Finally you piece of shit sqaurenix why just now?? 7 overated 8 underated ty but enix fuck you

Abel5 pizza

Hi my name is unknown and i am the fastest man on earth

Henk Janssen

5:00 haha fedex


Damn this was close to 9/11 I hope these guys are safe

Zairas Chawngthu

@dude perfect please if you guys dare,do it one shot video.. i really wanna know how many times you guys try and try and try to make it correctly....i can guarantee you guys will take weeks for each tricks...or if you guys wanna prove me us behind the scenes 😎what do you guys say???all the viewer do you wanna know too like i wish to??

Jami Klingelhoefer

That was a great video

Jake Ho

Wait wait did you say his girlfriend was his sister

Qasim Khan

I’m better than Jason

Hi I’m a person

My friend always asks why I don’t go to parties with her... i hate social interaction so much!

p HOBI a

Where do people keep finding people like him!!! can i find?!?!

رضاوي العراقي


Bunny Panda

May 21 2019 anyone?

Oh wow

I have all the symptoms but then I have a habit of stress eating..


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