Raipur street food I Garh Kalewa I Raipur I Chhattisgarh I india

Gadh kalewaIs the first of its kind restaurant in Raipur. If you wish to enjoy traditional Chhattisgarhi dishes prepared by traditional people in villages but unable to spare time or do not intend to go into villages, this place is a perfect place for you.I did taste rice cheela and one more dish to taste. And my experience was very nice. The restaurant is situated in the heart of city and approachable from any corner of the city. All the public transport system like city bus and tempos drive upto the gate of the restaurant. For private vehicles ample parking is there.Overall it is a good place to enjoy and visit at least once.LOCATIONCivil Lines, Near Ghari chowk, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, IndiaMy latest videohit the subscribe button to never miss a video!#raipurstreetfood#garhkalewa#raipur

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