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(probably only once then miss a year)

King Arthur King of the Britons



1 like = One vote of sympathy for Garret

Carson k

The irony though

Karina Loves Billie Eilish

Wow I can’t believe it bleeped out the word “hell” and “bullied”

Random Channel

How many ice do u wantFrozen2: yEszzz

Emma Ella

Wait I'm an introvert.....wth?

Slips -

React to Aviciis new album "Tim". All the money goes to organisations to prevent sucide.

Lemon Lime Clorox

The better harlem globetrotters

WolfHunter Roblox vids yeah idk what to add

Rip garret drowning

Aaron Janis Malto

cory was quite funny.


Biased toward Outback

* Makes a voice over while on the line to death *

Mr. Filmy

sir pls can you make vidio on skateboard

In real life, it is the opposite

Yasmine Truth

There are jokes that marbles doesnt know whats going on or where he is ,but did u see his smile when he was being sung to ? He knew it was his birthday , absolutely adorable

SimplyAnasia 03

Why can’t he become muslin and have two wives

savage sombra

I would probably knock him out take his phone and delete the pictures or call the police for child porn and showing pictures of you when you don't want to be seen clearly you could go to him with cort


It's 2016..


it's a multiplayer skin

Adam Hallam

Do you no Crazydavidx?

Nora Rothermel

This is why people shouldn’t come in illegally. I don’t want to offend you people but they need to come in legally not illegally, because we don’t know who they are or where they came from or if they brought anything bad! We don’t know!

The potato Geep

ok this is fake because u cant survive without food for 7 days and plus she would be dead no matter what

Tomáš Švantner

You would beat john wick with thatthat skills

Maasai Gentle

is that cascade mountain


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