Pudhiya Bhoomi - 5/16 - M.G. Ramachandran, Jayalalitha, M.N. Nambiar - Classic Tamil Movie

Pudhiya Bhoomi with English subtitles - M.G. R and Jayalalitha starrer 'Pudhiya Bhoomi' enthralled the masses with its heart-warming storyline based on the socio-political scenario that comes in the way of a father-son relationship. Kathiravan (M.G. Ramachandran) is a talented cardiologist and a son of an honest police officer. Coincidentally, Kathiravan saves a wanted criminal's life unaware that his own father was after the criminal. When the criminal Kangayan (M.N. Nambiar) realizes the truth, he plots to murder Kathiravan and manages to pull off the brake wires in Kathiravan's car. Mysteriously, our hero survives the mishap and lands up in the countryside, where he is smitten by a beautiful village belle. Is the blood thirsty villain once again going to try his luck in killing Kathiravan? How is our innocent hero going to protect his family and his lady love this time? Come, let's find out. Starring : M.G. Ramachandran, Jayalalitha, M.N. Nambiar, S.A. Asokan, T.S. Muthiah, Nagesh, Pandaribai, Sheela, S. Ramarao Director : Chanakyan Producer : P.K.V. Shankaran, Aarumugham Music Director : M.S. Viswanathan Lyricist : Kannadasan, Senkkotavan Playback Singers : T.M. Saundarajan, P. Sushila, L.R. Eshwari Click to watch more super-hit Tamil movies.Subscribe now to Rajshri Tamil for more updates:

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