Pt. J. N.M Medical college , Raipur C.G ( GMC Raipur) ,GOLDEN BATCH - 2012

Batch 2012 is the 50th Batch of MBBS of PT JNM Medical Medical colege and hence known as the GOLDEN BATCH of this College.This Batch is the Trend setter of this institute who first of all conducted the first ever Intermedical college fest of there are no f.r.i.e.n.d , but they are f.a.m.i.l.y

Cereal Guy

Not alot of people notice this but right after the high school chase, after the infected push you into the house where bills partner is hanging, it's the house from the walking dead game season 1, right after Lee escapes the police zombie, and bill even mentions that he "might know who has come through here"

Soul Anime

I can't remember or cherish my real moms death, because I've never saw her. Not even once, I've been a foster my whole life. And when I was young my social worker told me that my real mom died. I got into a deep depression... I still blame myself, Because I could've caused it....I don't know anymore.... I just want life to end. Even till this day.....



khushi's vlog Vlog

The twin spin

Noah Wenger


Kelly & Ciara’s Vlogs

I need help. I’m “a kid”. My dad expects me to be perfect. I don’t think he’ll understand. My mom she’s an immigrant and she barely knows anything. I’m to embarrassed to talk to 1 of our school counselors. I’m worthless. I don’t have the courage to do anything. I think about jumping in front of a car. (Etc.) In class I just sit there with my head down with my “straight face” when I’m sad. Ive been feeling this way since 4th grade (not I’m 5th). Can someone please help me?! 😓😥😭


yey tomorrow im taking a flight back home :)

Like if you have Instagram💕💗💖❤️❤️

Susan Matos

He looks like hero from big hero 6

Micah Rager

Is ned lil dicky lol


Does this still work?

dead channel

Actually, I think it's blue...

Ben Jacobs

No body is perfect I mean now look at you you have a wife and two kids so congrats

Landon Brazier

Who is the panda!!!!!!

Shoy Sauce

How to deal with jerks:

Ibtisam234 Dahir


alex dsouza

that sayonara tho

Abishek Chhetri

I like this animation sooooo much It will keep rolling in its grave

Bruce Mccormick




Robin Valson


phil swift

This is so sad I'm crying


i got 1229 at atari breakout who"s the best now?

Kevin Q

Can u make Mk x easter eggs ?

Gavin Laudermilk

Go Cleveland


Where’s the giraffe

Bobble Head

Fucking tomato plants

Nilufer Bavaadam

If Kobe drive well he will win

Raven Queen

Hiiiiii soon to be antiny here maygashh I'm still studying them hehhehe


Daemon 99

Cory ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to

ceecee smith

Anthony Poopdilla. Literally the only thing I remember when I hear your voice or watch your videos and I’m not sorry about it. 😂

WildPants Gaming


Wissam Ghazzawi

Dude on 0:20 what is the track's name ?

Brandon Foster

The sirloin at roadhouse is a lot better

Priyanka Singh

Anyone 2018


Disney has become such an unoriginal company, only stupid sequels and bad live action movies based on older creations.

Phallika Sum

She is so dum


i wonder if the nightmare lvl have a secret exit like in doom 2

Gail Dearn

sorry for your loss 😭😭😭


You guys play pong?

Deva Surya

U just save some one that awesome. #beinghuman


there was also the poster with the kiss to yhe right was lost dog named bolt reference to the movie bolt

david janssen

just saying but you mist aaaaaaaaaaaaaalloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of easter eggs

ariel biton

Kobe Bryant


Think twice before doing this, block the person's number and e-mail address because, that person doesn't use the brains more often just want to see how you will reacted and plus, tell the parents and call the police.

Brandon Withnell

the only easter egg i knew about this movie was te white spider suit from the video game being in dead peters lab

gacha tea

"Your parents care about you"

neutral meme

starts with ass slap


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