Pt Harishankar Shukla Memorial College, Raipur

Kachna Road, Raipur (C.G.)

Rehan shaikh channel

Who like dude perfect like ✌✌✌here

Team fortress 2 secrets ? of Portal 2 secrets

Nhat Nam Dao

very angery, much fake

Try to find a job and with the money pay a therapist or something else, it's better

Varsha Jain

Burj khalifa

geo the rat

Totally didn’t sob through this video

Flower Flora

Pray,pray everyday! God will help you!I know it.It is a fact. I know if you pray every single day that it will go away,he will take it away! He has made a dead man come back to life!!!!! He has cured the worst of sickness.he has raised from the dead himself.I am not lying.He is there for everyone.he has a plan for you.the devil is the one to blame.if anything,God is trying to help you.I hope for whoever is reading this,listens too.if you just pray and believe,he will help you with whatever your going through.I know it.



Alex ab

I love Them all


You could easily skip the freezing and just add rum and ice to the mixtures and make frozen cocktails 😋😋😋

rimple sohi kadyan

I can totally understand.. I have always loved dogs more than humans.. they are just so pure and innocent.. and even though you know they are not gonna live as long as us but its always hard saying goodbye to them. One can never be prepared for such a loss. Rest in peace Diamond, you will be dearly missed!

Mezl Mohd

قود حلو


Porterhouse is ribeye and filet

Harshad thaker

where is new episode since these months

SoulStreak 64

Still has no idea of what the heck is going on...


Wait 6 months.... every early morning..... How is she not...

Everett Underwood

Finds a leaf Cody: this a 1600 maple tree leaf that was on george Washington’s bush outside his front yard

Wakanda Forever

I'd be happy to not go actually I regret it

Kid's Surprise Toys 2018

I have 3 words : that was awesome !!

Eliza Strike

They are so rich

Spencer Bosch

Pause at 17:31


So many warm colors are used in this video.

Kenji Matias



If you finded my 1 of 87k commentshave a 🍎🍏🍊🍋🍉🍐🍒🍓🍍

michie the rockstar

I wonder who the panda actually is


Griff Dreskout

Daaher Abid

Gunna killed it

Carlos Montero

esta wea es falsa


7:51 gurukid's groceries xD

Ross Mcculloch


Anderson Ninja

call of duty ghost modo estiçao

Steven Petro

6:34 how can u make that and I can’t even hit one in normal bowling

Jeffrey Burrows

Is anyone else trigger that there playing soccer in a baseball field 😂

Optimus Mike and A-aron talk about everything!

I'm the Rage Monster.

Mr. Lebeck

I Have Raiden Skin =D




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