Plum cake mulino bianco - Yogurt plum cake

Ebbene si, sono proprio loro :) penso che non si possa riuscire a imitarli meglio di così! super soffici e gustosi, questi plum cake simili a quelli della nota marca mulino bianco! spero che questa ricettina vi piaccia ^.^ se sì, mettete un bel mi piace e iscrivetevi al canale! Yummi :3Ingredienti:- 250 g di farina autolievitante- 200 g di zucchero- 3 uova- 250 g di yogurt all'albicocca- 100 g di olio vegetale (meglio di semi)- 50 g di margarina- 30 g di latte- aroma di vaniglia- 1 pizzico di sale Preparazione: Sbattete le uova con lo zucchero fino a renderle gonfie e spumose. Unite la margarina fusa e fate incorporare per bene il tutto. Aggiungete ora tutto lo yogurt, sempre continuando a mescolare. Unitevi poi il latte, la vaniglia e il sale. A questo punto potete cominciare, un po' alla volta ad unire la farina. Dopo che questa sarà stata ben assorbita dal composto unite a filo l'olio. Foderate una teglia con gli stampini da plum cake con dei pirottini di carta (se non la avete va bene un comunissimo stampo per plum cake - se vi interessa l'idea potrei fare un video in cui vi mostro come creare dei pirottini di carta forno per plum cake :3)Cuocete i dolcetti a 160°C per circa 30-40 minuti. Fate sempre la prova stecchino prima di sfornare! :-)------------------------------------------------------------------ingredients: - 250 g self raising flour - 200 g of sugar - 3 eggs - 250 g of apricot yogurt - 100 g of vegetable oil (preferably seed) - 50 g of margarine - 30 g of milk - Vanilla flavor - 1 pinch of salt


Zeid Houssami

post more of these

Hi I am Charlotte I am artistic and I have h.d.h.d. When I was at school I was bullied I was I year4 and I was bullied by year 6. Thay will call me name and I love my bunny teddy her name is bunny please message me for the rest

1000 subscribers and I will eat an apple

Big brother:come upstairs and play our SECRET game

Madison Wolf

3:11 Just wait till Cory sees what happened to him🤣😂

This is so strange

Bruce Hartin

Further proving the point Miles is actually the cops son from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Dongjoon Shin

oh no... poor gar

abigail nodine

This is amazing congrats Asher you and Annie killed such an amazing couple

2: The microphone quality

Vinay Prakash

ME : How is this trailer different from the 1st one ?DISNEY : I don't know, But it's got more Snow and most importantly, it's got HORSES.ME : huh !?!?

Adam Bacchus

no way

Anders Larsen

Brownies are supposed to be "loose" on the inside. Unless you're a cake brownie kind of person, probably a flat earther and no vaccine too.

Collin Beach

I’ve been a PlayStation player my whole life. But you guys do not understand how much I hate my morals right now.

Live, Laugh, Love Live, Laugh, Love

Anyone see Tyler’s wife in the background watching them at 2:09?


the husband's missing out now

אמיר וחני שרייבמן


SS Verified

How did you do it ?.... Any Tricks..

Youtube Only

you should play the iPhone game in real life (like do the game in real life)


Drizzy sets the vibe then breezy kills it, shits so dope

Noshaba Noshi

I'm the Protein Guy!


Why hasn't he posted the new videos yet




East or west cody is the best


When I was 4, I ate this leaf thing in my backward cause it smelled good. I started seeing some weird stuff bro


Assasins Creed Asia confirmed.

p a i n

Kpt Ackbar

2:14 - That's Matt's mask.

boss gamer25

My brother made s trick shot first try today😁

I see saitama

James CKC

Tyler Went Crazy


this was awesome.. some spoilers but awesome


wow. wow. this is amazing.

Stfx-Terraria Tutorials

I live in Serbia its a nice country

Pixel Treason 2

Huh... well then.


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