Rohu fish curry | How to make fish curry | dhaba style fish curry | Fried fish curry

मेरे और भी नए रेसिपी वीडियो यहाँ से आप देख सकते है :-उंगलिया चाटते रह जाओगे जब खाओगे ये चिकन कोरमा | chicken korma recipe in hindi बनाओगे ये छोले तब कहोगे वाह मजा आ गया | choole recipe dhaba style pakora recipe | मसालेदार आलू ब्रेड पकोरा | how to make potato bread pakoraki sabji | बेसन की जबरदस्त सब्जी बनाने की विधि | gram flour recipefish curry | How to make fish curry | dhaba style fish curry | Fried fish curry fried fish curry is best recipe of india every indian like this who non-vegetarian rohu fish is most popular fish every body know it some place its called rui maachlots of variety recipes of this you will get like but curry is a main is i am showing you how to make fish curry.or how to prepare fish curry this is fresh water carp. this curry you can serve with roti(chapati) or steamed rice.which mathod i aplied for making recipe of fish curry. you can use this methode on verius type of fish like katla fishsome simple ingredient for this:rohu fishmustard oiltomatocoriander powderred chilli powderturmeric powdersaltwatercumin & black paper powdercoriander leaveskhaskhas (poppy)yellow or black mustard garlicfish curry is most popular and delicious recipesubscribe :chicken curry | spicy cashew chicken | kaju chickenchicken cutlet recipe | healthy chicken cutlet recipeschicken dry recipe restaurant style | how to make chilli chicken dry at home by Gkumarfish curry | How to make fish curry | dhaba style fish curry | Fried fish currycurry | how to make omelette curry recipe indhaba style by Gkumarto make Chilli Chicken Half Gravy | Chilli chicken Restaurant Style | best chicken chili recipemasala curry | Prawn Curry Recipe | How to Make Prawn Masala currymutton recipe | matan recipe in hindi | meat curry dhaba stylepizza | how to make bread pizza at home | tawa bread pizza by Gkumarbiryani in pressure cooker | spicy chicken biryaniegg bhurji with green peas | anda bhurji masala dhaba style

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When Americans think their language is correct 😂 Lmfao

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why cant you say in the title that its fake stories you upload?


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Girly Trichshots

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FunWithGuru, litterly the king of easter eggs. Nice job finding these!


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Every time you upload, everything else disappears. No matter what I'm doing, the moment I see that "FunWithGuru uploaded" I stop whatever it is I'm doing and prepare my eyes to see some magic.

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