Om Ganapathi | K.R.Vijaya | Telugu Film part 2 of 7

Download The 'Lehren App': Ganapathi is originally a Tamil Movie named Vetri Vinayagar which has been dubbed in Telugu. It is the 100th movie of director K. Shankar. The movie opens with Munnindra's wife Ashraya (Sangeetha) getting attracted to the glittering jwellery and gold coins and asks her husband to get them for her. Munnindra gives her a straw of grass with which he worships Lord Ganapathi and tells her to get jwellery equal to the weight of that straw. But non of the costly jwellery matches the weight of the straw. Then she comes to know that her husband is the most richest person beacause he is blessed with Lord Ganesh's grace. She then requests him to tell the story of Lord Ganesh. Om Ganapathi is the movie which contains all the mesmerising stories of Lord Ganesh.For more, Log on to: & Stay connected: us on Facebook: us on Twitter:


Anyone else asking "anyone watching in 2018" to get likes

Tirth Patel

In the car


A little bit of narcissism doesn't hurt anybody :)

Magic TV.

que cancion es la del minuto 5:00

Hayden's Creations

I told my friend the one about teachers keeping students after class and by the end of the day everyone was acting like assholes because they thought they couldnt be kept back....oops😂

Faruk Zeqiri

Seti naoi

That Blob

I was waiting for this video....Anyone else?


Guys they removed the 1980 glitch so... no need for 1980 comments :P

I sometimes soil mine because of my mestruation, but I never really needed another pair since you can just wash it off..

Julian Perez

I’m not a warriors fan or raptors fan but I fully disagree with him.....KD has been injured for 1 full series and most of the finals and barely began working again so how are you gonna give kawhi full credit for guarding an injured KD....not hating on kawhi though

Lori McNeill

I liked hockey can I play with you guys


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ThePugWithAPlan XD

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Harrison Brace

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paul greevy

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Don't give him shit for posting an easter egg video. It's what he does. And it's what we're here to see. He posts easter eggs that HE likes and would like to share. If you don't like the amount of easter eggs on one specific game, stop watching. Don't act selfish. It is @FunWithGuru 's channel and again, he posts easter eggs that he likes.

Gavigamer X

If you film together then their next movie will Dude Rangers movie!!?

Daniel Kunzler

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DInkle Berg

Lydia is such a cool housecarl :3


6:25 I don’t know what should I do, should I panic or laugh lol

Ben Willetts

So Joel traveled back in time

Fuzzy EU

3:20 literally killed me when ty ran into the side of the thing and did a frontflip xD



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