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Yoga For The Pelvic Floor- full yoga workshop with Adriene. This all levels session focuses on how to build strength, stabilize, soften, and awareness in the pelvic floor. This will influence all yoga asana as well as provide you valuable time to breathe and center. Connect brain and body in a way that serves.Subscribe to this channel to support YWA and free high quality yoga for all. Take this time to learn, explore and enjoy. Let me know how it goes down below! Namaste! Get your FREE Yoga Calendar: at www.yogawithadriene.comInstagram: @adrienelouiseTwitter: @yogawithadrieneFacebook: Yoga With AdrieneShop:

Fallen SniperXOX

Ik how u feel to not have friends who share the same interest happy



Uttam Jain P

Usain bolt

Botty Brooks

Do you like your job Prince EA?

I just left that school, nothing else...


it must be Nice to have a Grandfather like him! my Family are not Really All that Nice! even when they act that they're that Nice ! ! ! ! !


Thank god it's a cute story I am so used to sad easter eggs these days, like the Nessy toy would be the favorite toy of one the dev dead daughter.

hamdah ashraf



12thman Railfans

0:42 the Saints fans after the no call

Teo Laurich

What is your favourite Game of all time, if you have one?

Rocky__c Battlefield and Rainbow Six Siege

Guru, can you duplicate me the gun you have in borderlands 2?

MNA Schlegel

Really, again, Garret?

Amanda Banks

U need to tell your parents Ik it’s embarrassing but many people that Ik have done it and they can help they can inform the boys parents as well and have him punished as well as the cyber bullying laws there are in your state

Florian Kubara

3:58 did anyone notice zur Pencil?

Youri Weerman

Hoezo is de titel in het nederlands

cruz ;ス

Holy cow! ateez literally doesn't have any bad song

Ben 10

Who came here by seeing the snakes around him???

Worst life ELEMENTRY SCHOOL: fights me getting body shamed for me being too skinny gangs teams and ECT. Let’s all cheer on comments I wanna be in college because it’s the best year no fights no nothing no NONSENSE AND PEOPLE SAYING DUMB THINGS THAT MEAN NONSENSE

LJ So Cool

Who read the description to see who this story is about


The next land mark sode be goreg wacintingsmamorialtowar

Cậu Vàng is real

It amazing!!!

sir. yo mero

hi dude perfect would be great that they made a special edition as "first try" where they compile some of the attempts they made in some videos or "almost attempts"

Great Britain


Braydsbb H

God whispered in my ear tell me kill every verse

Ōka chan

I knew i saw that hair from the thumbnail


the vid is great as the action n the song mixes together well

AmericanEagle -

My favorite is XR Low Screamer Gong Ringer.

Jeffrey Janz

I live in Wisconsin

Daniel Villa

i like this video a lot :),i know the hard work it required to make it, but you missed some other easter eggs like protoman's cardboard figure, blanka's helmet and the dragon punch

Shadow Freddy Productions

I found the peashooter today

Rani D.

Me lol

Andrew Hardie

my friend is come

Ethan Radford

U guys. Honestly fake these

Alyssa Bryhte

Why does October seem to be that month? I lost my dad on October 29th, 2017. We literally didn't even celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Powell .Family

Ahhhhh pokemon GO

Galaxy Craft

Death... thats a theme where I could talk hours about it :) bc everyone has different ideas what could come after death... or if its just darkness…

"i aint no fucking weeb, dood" Well we are glad you made it out of the wormhole of anime...i just hope you aren't addicted, one episode my brother watched...he became a weeb.

Collin Landschoot

2:24 RIP he was loved 🙏🙏🙏


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