Nick J. & Selena G. Manip ;; Selena Drops Yogurt on Nick

BabyNokas Here;Hope you like it[Under the tag 'xWeMakeManips' it's the mark 'TheRequestedManips'.I didn't steal anything, that's just my other account]

caio dantas

1:42 matou o cara

No MilkLeft

You're blesses if all you need is diamonds. I'm out here s t r u g g l i n g.

Dino Naungayan

Kyle is a diver or a basketball player?. Obviously the ball is way behind saving. over acting player.

MC Plush

It is filmed at Dr Pepper stadium for the frisco roughridders

Sue 1

Love you too

Billie’s Eyelash


Nabam Takang

Trailer revealed the whole story 🤒

Imran Ali Subhani

Tyler lost yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Althof ArutooO

after watch this video



Tyan drocher

4:05 ебабей)

King Cola

roblox kid screaming

Michael Wooldridge

Dude there are Peale in the back groun when you do the diving catch and there recording you xd

King Peezy

Gnar + Skies = 🔥

Liam Milburn

You missed out the best Easter egg. The infinty gauntlet you can wield from infinty war.

Rabih Skafff

@hussien channel subscriber

sas said even if Kd is still not 100% he should play if he could

Alex Palmer

The mail boxes on nuk3town say hendrix and Taylor or corvus

Gamer 827


Wilson .Hudson

i liked 0:00 to 0:19


Mike Wazowski

Me: Eminem?

Rosalie Zhao

Bro, its just ur hair...

microphone or not, everyone is welcome.

corbyn .carrots

i wanna shave my head or cut my hair shorter so i wouldn't mind

Euredice G.

Imagine them meeting Merida now that’s a movie.

L- Brooke

1:15 I died 🤣


just when you thought you couldn’t fall more in love with him.. this video ruined me

lc smith

20 bounces

Evan G

One week. The games been out one week.

Anna Elise

When i was 3 everyone at kindergarten sad im annoying


When he said Adolf at the end who thought he was gonna say hitter but then realize hitlers dead

Emina XD

I told my parents already and I have been seeing a psychologist, but that was a while ago and they kind of figured it out themselves, but some new issues have come around like my sexuality and how I think I have a genuine fear of school... I feel sick to my stomach every time I think of school and am so horrified of all the things that could happen to me or around me.... I can’t tell them and I don’t know what to do...


0:43 GO BLUE!!!!


I would escape if someone broke my phone

Claire Poremba

I am so confused

Josée Deguire

I love your bow and your arrow AMAZING!

Michael Jarrett

1:31 This makes me a saaaaad panda :(

Myles Lee

Like why don't you have over 1 million subs yet ?

I probably won’t do that but you know..

cowboy beanz

1:20 LOL how did you miss that obvious reference to the Mayan calendar ending in 2012?


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