neha kakkar grand entry live show at raipur

balbeer singh juneja indore stadium 17 sep. 2017 neha kakkar live in concert




Luca Staudinger

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Trenton Norman5

Rapping stereotypes!

Antman 08642

Anyone else notice the ball went no where at 3:17

f O R t n I T e

Damn you poor girl.


lol I'm watching this video 4 years after it came out.... LiT

TacoKingdom 2018

i wEnTt tO tHe stOrE aND bOuGHt a BikiNi thAt fIT mE bUt THiS tImE iT waS a oNe-piECE

Ghytjj Ghyfhjgh

You don,t do this in the first

Tony Jeya Tj

Look like ps3,xbox 360 trailer...not ps4 ,xbox 1


Dalles sucks


Not 2 be rude but I think it would be a bit better with a movie clip of it

That Slime Chick

oH nO i wAsn’T aCcEPteD fOr nOt bEiNg aCcEPtiNg!!!1!!1!

Denis Predosa

Masuk pak eko



Michelle DeLuca

You should do the floor is lava challlange

илья новиков

3:48 😂😂😂😂

Wilson Shumate


Bryar Slockett

4:01 you could see more basketballs because they knew it would take forever😅

Zoë gacha

I hope that pe teacher dies in hell

Uni Dream

Everybody likes thick ppl now


Cause niggas is a dyin breed but im still maintainin😈🖤

Patreece Pickett

He Didn’t Do Shit he’s Good But He’s not KD

I'm head-strong, but my spirit got a hole in it (Got a hole in it)

Jesse Hawkes

PLZ do more skiing videos

Angelita Davila



Oh that is really funny to hear because I didn´t laugh that much there.

Noah B

It’s those damn electronics son

*fallout explosion *

crazy world of mine Billington-Stewart

Imagine having 16 siblings well that's my my grandad had😂

Ricardo Casas


Miguel Gutierrez Esteban

which is the song? help me! :)

Joshua Colson

You guys should get Lars Andersen to train you an do a better trickshot video

[GD] Gundam

Why do I feel like rick looks like the dad of a bully?

Tanisha Gabriel

I thought your friend was going to say will you be my girlfriend

The Awesome Dudsz

the rc shot was the worst shot

me: what the hell you're the one who's beating up the kid for no reason just because she didn't give you the money that not YOURS


The doctors shouldn't have given this lady the pain medication.


I really hope it won't be open world, or at least, I hope it's a focused open world, I don't wanna lose track of the story


There is another mask under the counter in bank.

(I'm so lonely)

Ramon/Maria Vargas

stick men doing tricks

Itz_ elva

My mom had my brother, after that she had another baby that turns out to be dead. And then she had me , after two years that baby thing happened again, and when I was seven , she had another one . But she didn’t want it anymore cause she was 47 by that time already . I wonder how my siblings would look like . At least now I have a puppy to accompany me and I love him .

Jadon Gerhardt

I'm pretty sure mr. Beast needs the rage monster


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