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Utilizar la Olla GM Modelo G Deluxe es muy sencillo, te detallamos cómo navegar por el panel de control.Más información:

Yukai The Content Cop

I'm still waiting for that gravity falls video


4:00 But not too bright or else your eyes will hurt again

Zuha M

i actually cried

Kaveeshan Gnanarajah

Garrett is not bold in this video




Honestly for me The Fifth element and Valerian are both great movies

Hope to hear from you soon !!!


AIMAssist ??? 4:28

Op Ma


Andrew Marshall

I have always wanted to fish there, got my eye on a bass that keeps giving me the stare down 👍🏻

Blake Pierce

I hope the women at the end she gave him 100

Ellie Weir

Weren't they making Elsa lesbian? Or am I just crazy? 😂

Dominique Jackson

He sounds like Jesse McCarthy

Cutter Neitzel

I’m somewhat Mr. Commercials

Ryan P

I hate you for this

Danny Sanchez


Abdullah Noman

!!!!!Mind Blown Hats Off!!!!!!!

Anoop mistry

I am a Protein guy..😛😝

Kiara Cintron

I tried but they we're bulling me more and hitting me more and fighting me that was all the girls in my class that we're hitting me and fighting the boys hade to stop theme


can you do one for Crysis 1

Prince Clickbait

I lost by .02 points once :(


V looks like Quebonafide 😲😍

NoHax JustMac

I only use my phone to subscribe to Minutevideos and turn on notifications #notifgang

Donnie Kilgour


People have it all backwards these days.    

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