Namo anjaneyam song


This my friends is our next generation may god have mercy of our souls amen

ashley alvarado

“Eggzeeiimah”?!!! ITS ECZEMA (Ech-Sem-Ahh)

Jammers Association

Thats Crazy with the Unicorn Farts !!


Team Magic

I need one. 🚗

Ezekiel Camposanto

y no part 3?

Me: 😤😨😱😲😭

Awesome Kid

Call it bow ab ball

Karina K.

I'm confused onto why the people in NK still believe that the outside world is worse, if their government does their most to try to keep everyone inside. Like, if the outside is THAT terrible, shouldn't you be trying to keep people from getting to your country instead of your people from leaving?

Carlos Quinones

You guys need to make a music video with Ok Go!!!!



Am I the only one who


Got it at 0:17

Daph Hodder

Now you need to throw two plungers at each other to stick them together

Supersilentninja plays

Finally make a video after 4 months


Why is our grandma black?

Justin Williams

This is how many people are on the devices and cant talk to someone about one single word

Paris Gauthier


Adryan Frame

Ty looks more like his dad


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