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jesus christ not this trash again

IzzyRose LovesBnha

That sucks! But like, this is why you apply for citizenships. These people had about 20 years to do that. That's what I disagree with. I know that immigrants are people, but if they don't have citizenships, they aren't legal . That was irresponsible to wait so long that it actually happened (no pun intended). And the worse part is that they were working, productive people, but without a citizenship, that went to waste. This lovely family probably didn't even mooch off the government either, unlike other unworking, non tax paying immigrants. I get that everyone deserves a better life, but if you aren't going to work for it, you shouldn't be making other people do that for you. It really is sad though, how this family could've had such a nice life, contributing their share to making everything work.

Andy Chen

Better than trump’s wall

Joel Caldera

Tyler:not worth it.Cody gets the crate. cody:that was so worth it😂😂😂😂

Harry Narvaez

Is this true?

Levi Cribbs

Sate of Liberty

RBR fan

That lightsaber color is a little weird. Looks like a LED lightsaber in a toy shop.

R4DiK Dreik

I know it still has nothing to do, but, like if you would like it in the next Halloween update, that the ornament had another sound effect that is not the bones! Poor Chloe, Stupid Gym teacher >:C

Diyar Baykannoglu


Blurry Legend

Anyone else thinks that the start without music was way better than the story with music?


AwwwwwMake me sad☹️

AA Swenson

I can’t stop looking at Cory’s “eyebrows”

Btw Okay NF I see you....

Dante E

Dodgers all the way

Brent Gibson

How many records you have

Tek9 Rek9

What if they make pour over coffee at the gas station?🤔


Does anybody else notice how Cory looks differentEyebrows.😂


12:19 music please.

Kyndall Keys

What the fuck is that😂😂😂

R.I.P Stark

ع توب

This story is impossible to be happened in Arabic and Islamic countries or just in Islamic countries , because we aren't have this things on our religion is not necessarily that if this story happened in Arabic country that the people in story are Moslems because there are some of them not Moslems but have another religion like Christian . Please don't say thing that you don't know about .

Leed Hardy

who plays baseball

1. The bad mic

360 wavybaby

i watched it before u

Sebastian Chopko

Ty why do you say be an athlete on Lacrosse?

Jack Treneff

Roman Atwood



Christopher Hernandez

who else is a cowboys fan # number one fan


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