Naino Ki To Baat Naina Jane Hai || Female Version 2018 || Singer Prateeksha Shrivastava || LQ plus

Music/Arranged : Chandra SuryaLyricist : Akhtar NafeSound Design : SuryaHero :TotonHeroine : PujaDirector : LQ SumanStory : SR Santuph. 9064416334Plus)Phir Bhi tumko chahunga


team cody

ainul nadia

who in the world who doesn't love you doesn't deserve love jk.

Call Me Fluffy

And my dream is to meet ty:team ty

Nibble Fish

Poor girl

Fauziya Sai

Ty is the best

Waffle cake

I dont get the Splatoon one :(

Llama Ahmed

#YIAYjob wait, is she the man down the street that sells snow?

roshan shetty

wow !! how many hours do you play to discover all these ?


Lol it’s Polo G song in he first place, Tjay was only a feature. So can y’all stop bitching about Lil Tjay? He didn’t need to be on here it’s POLO G song!

Matt Nasby

SAM - Random question about your yard. What kind of vines did you use to cover your wall? It looks awesome we want to do the same thing.


The small person has the same name as me

Velin Klisurov


koaks chopra

All three are best dancer

Thủy Hoàng

yall wear watch

Braiden Gaming

He is a beast

Kyle deville

watching this on July 1 2016


I feel like there’s a certain likeness between these manic episodes and fever dreams...

Vero Pineda



I'm sorry to anyone who likes these movies, not really, but a lot of the jump scares like these are just terrible. They are a plot hole in itself. For instance, why do some of the demons/possessed people/monsters only make a sound or attack when noticed? That's retarded. A predator would attack prey that DOESN'T see it, not attacking when they are now aware of its presence and distance. Seriously, it takes away from a movie's immersion. Some movies time them well, and they fit logically, but most are just to add a cheap jump scare that makes no sense what so ever. Scott Cawthon's jump scares are more immersive. Maybe the audience isn't scare, if the characters aren't?


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