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That one guy

Any one else notice the owner of the irish pubs name was o sullivan. Reference to the show sullivan and son?

Simon Lynx

I think you forgot the Portal Ester Egg, but those are good too, the Whipping Angels are pretty much creepy, actually.


Rip cod

John Freeman

same thing


Lol Minecraft Is More Popular Than Your Game. Step Up Your Game

christopher of the planet earth


P arnuco

Bro if lowry did something even touch him, would’ve been such a huge deal to other perspectives 🤦🏽‍♂️

Super Caged Tiger

I know the sweat pants guy

Sloth Sloth

Cool shot


the voice is so soothing though

Jeff Verdillo

Team. cody.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😎😎😎


ok this game designers really need to chill out with quiet

Rymere Waymon

I know you say no one cares about you but I do

random person

What did he die from?

crush dino

Well this isn't really that impressive there most likely using 8 shot 12 gauge amo and most of the Clay's are thrown right in front of there face so it's not that hard to hit 3 with a Simi auto shotgun. And dont get me started about the creative amo that we all know was demo ranches idea first

Phoinex Girl

I support you all, I'm bout to cry

Johanna Partacz


Deangelo Hansel

First watchable video game movies? The first Silent Hill? The first Mortal Kombat movie?

Dante McFarlane

Graveyard: Home of the sad Easter Eggs 😟


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