Papa Mere Papa (Full Song) | Main Aisa Hi Hoon | Sushmita Sen

Subscribe our channel us: us: : Dil Mera Todo NaMovie : Main Aisa Hi Hoon Singer : Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Baby Aparna Lyricist : Sameer Music : Himesh Reshammiya Star cast : Ajay Devgan, Baby Rucha Vaidya, Sushmita SenMusic Label : T-Series

Too bad since I am extremely skeptical of the legitimacy of any of these vids.

Don’t talk To me

I barley understood anything that happened in these past few episodes

Neven Karas

I see YouTube really wants to shove this trailer down on everyone’s throat.

sister2:me too Edit: and yes, I would cut myself to cope with the struggling of my life.


my friends always called me bipolar because when I would cry I would always think of funny shit and laugh really hard after sobbing


My favorite 0:34 - 1:05

Wakanda Forever


Yeetacus Yeetacus

Human controller


came to see how a blitz ball worked, but this just isn't for me.


If always ban team coby

Connor Greep



Why did they bleep out bullying!!???????


anyone who says these things trying to prove its fake is talking out their arse tryin to be smart;ball moves to far-wind along with the spinning of the ball can easily make it swing like that in such a distance (also why would the person fake it to look like a fake???)Doesn't throw hard enough - distance and power in throws comes mostly from technique, not streangth, as can be seen from any sport like NFL or baseballJust try and think of anything else to try nd prove its fake.


Jen gets it! I am 5"2, and yet my hands and feet are the same size as someone much taller. I am the only person that finds it weird.


I don't get 4

Penn Hanks

How do you do this.its outrageous

Bootyblastamasta 248

7:16 “your face is hot you drink is not” THAT MEANS HE HAS THE COLD ONE


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