Natural Yogurt Recipe - Cucumber and Mint Dip

Natural Dip #3 – with Chef Paul Collins, our Yeo Valley Food AmbassadorFor more recipes check the Yeo Valley Youtube channel or go to Valley Natural Yogurt, Cucumber and Mint DipFor 4 People you will need:1 Large Cucumber20 g Mint450 g Yeo Valley Greek YogurtSea SaltMethod:Peel and deseed the cucumbers. Dice to a nice uniformed small dice.Shred the mint very finely.Add all ingredients to the yogurt, check the seasoningServe as a dip in its own right, or serve alongside a Curry or Grilled Meats.Enjoy!

Geometric 46

I’m going to assume you used Pla filament and from the current time the only printer that comes with a stainless steel nozzle is the prusa and any other nozzle can put dangerous metals in the cup and in your drink and since the filament is colored the chemicals used to make the color brighter will get in you drink too.Not only that but 3D printed objects are porous and will trap bacteria and possibly give you food poisoning


absolutely awesome, thank you FunWithGuru.....your channel is amazing!

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Hamza The footballer

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Sub Miner

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missed opportunity at number one there, should have had spooky scary skeletons. Although I was thoroughly spooked with it regardless. Keep doing what you're doing, love ya man :)

Saqib Mustafa

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Nero Jones

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Western Tarantula

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Cool Guy


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Amy Rosanova

So, how did it go from "I'm with my Mom" (an obvious excuse) to "we're not together anymore"? There wasn't a breakup part at all.

Haley Goodwin

I would have called the damn cops 🚓🚔🚨, if I had seen that happen.

Emmaus Frank

Not Gonna Lie But This Could Be A Film Theory/Game Theory Episode 🙃

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Suprabbit Gang

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The Weakest Baldwin

This is basically Ratchet and Clank with a Star Wars skin… I don’t mean to sound negative but this game just seems so bland and generic to me.

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Ella Mai Anderson

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Josh Dhiman

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