Janitah - A Tribute To The First Hero | Kannada | A Short Film by Manu | 2018

Cast: S V Krishna Sharma Pavan Mahendrakar Srijan RaiDOP: GouthamEditing: AnuranjanWritten & Directed by: Manu

Tallwhalebob Gaming

Wait so my friends say that I don’t and I am overreacting but I feel like I might have......

Tancredi Harvey Allchurch


Jaime Serrato

He won

Mr. Pugsalot

Who is watching this in 2018? I am!!

Good Egg

Did anyone not find the checkers board after Cody did

Lasagna Schlömpel

23:33 also this sample of a woman crying can be heard in "Eternal Darkness: Sanitys Requiem"

aquapinkbot - tv


artsy 101

I thought the Mario one was freaky :0

Michael Mroz

make a dizzy sports battle 4

OD13vik Mazza

Where's the sign off

Emma Mignot

I have doubts about myself. My mum and my maternal grandma are bipolar, which makes it even possible. I'm depressed for years, some days I just ... I just can't get out of my bed, sometimes I jump everywhere, laughing and all, and then I just want to hurt others around me, because they stress me out, because my future, my present, my life, my grades, the world, my shoes or whatever make me fucking anxious, and I can't stand it. Sometimes I'm violent, I wake up at night and I start to search things, like a necklace, like a book, and if I don't find it, I broke objects, I hit the walls and everything that I can hit. If I don't do this, I hit my head against the wall, or things like this. My bf tried to help me, but I punched him in the face and made him bleed under his lips. One day, Idk why, but suddenly I was so stressed out, so done with myself. My bf was here, and I pinched his arm very hard. He screamed, I made him bleed again. The worst is that I was controlling myself, If I did not ... Thinking and thinking, messy circles in my head mixing in a huge bag of knots, it's horrible. "Why are you suddenly so angry ?" I don't know, everything pisses me off, and I can't help. "But you're a nice girl" I don't know, I can't controlling it, sometimes I love you, and sometimes I hate you. Sometimes I trust my friends, I'm so glad to have them. But sometimes I don't want to talk to them, because I feel like they don't like me, like they're vicious and are talking behind my back. I trust no one, but then I'm like "no, why are you thinking that ?" But Idk. I prefer to be alone, people think that I just want to be on my phone, but the truth is that I'm terrified to talk to people. I'm afraid of them, but also of what I can say. I'm not organised, "You're so messy haha !" Okay but it's not funny, I try my best. I forget everything, because I think about too much things, and then it's confused.


Anyone 2018


You're so cruel :D I put you into my steam screeenshot with 'fish easteregg' in Borderlands. As far I'm concerned, this is the best channel with game secrets, best regards, Adam!

Ale Gaming


Experiment fails miserably.

Madison Standifer

Can you do a video with team edge


This is not skill. This is luck

Mighty V

How dare that mother!? Love your daughter! Depression can kill you... :/

Guillermo Ramirez

2020??? 😭 (I'm sure it's a huge game tho, we gotta be patient)

Prajakta kale destruction

3:17 did any one notice dphq2

Łeø Køhamì

“smoking is sooo cool”

Kandor the sly

your a foolish little man that knows nothing. i personaly have found every one of those easter eggs on my 360, except the troll and goats one. and yes the Notched pickaxe is really at the TOP of the mountain not where the rip in space/time is its above that around the other side of the mountain, theres a small path you need to jump on to get to it.

How long does it normally last on your first day?💉💉

Agon Sahiti

you really are dude perfect


Awwwww! What a cute bunny in the bottom left corner. How has nobody seen that?

Patel Yogesh

purple one

Tanbir Singh

1:22 Sims Frozen

Blake Ferro


...that's how it works.


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