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PotatoQueen Angie

6:03 Uugghhh I hate when people stare like dang you haven't seen a person make a mistake before!?

Aarav Pradhan

Congrats Garrett

Viviane Ye Yi Chan

HE is annoying? What did you think about YOU?

Lakeda Hughlett

Gurl u think u ain't over weight where women for some women it was their booty thight this miiii etc also losting so much blood u gotta got to the Hospital

Aleksandar Djuric

2019 anyone


Crazy how 2018 went by so fast


I have the perfect idea... How about u do something original and not something another YouTuber does... Is that a good idea

Marshmello 123

Whoever is watching at all Tim like this comment

Daniel Dalazar

Who the hell is cutting the damn onions


waiting for videos like "black people shouldn't have rights. it's just an opinion uwu"


0:29 who eats toast with cold hard butter squares on them 🤢



Saman Samir

Craig Lipps

do a nother oreo trike shots

um excuse me i don’t even study

Seth Smiley

I'm the creepy pickle guy😂😂😂


Барсук Шарапов


DomGaming 12


jeff Kalber

Team Ty

Elijah Blackshear

Yea it only cost 1000$😁😁


Grow ByDoing

Don’t accept jack shit. Do whatever you want. I’ve lived endlessly and still recreate events that endlessly overlap and repeat. I’m undead dead living proof you can do whatever you choose including rewinding yourself. The joke is we all do it just most forget they’re doing it.

najiji rosa

More vlogs like this pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!


It is booooring to seee ty ever ein. Rest have fun. He fight for golden pant. A nd when loosing his ass hurts.

Pam Roden

tyler you win ale the time

Well...happy happy get 1st the best for japan unbreakable KPOP values!


the song one they did the same thing in black ops 1 but with meteors and my opinion a better song

Mega Squishy

The "Call of Duty Series" Never even ENDED

Me: wow he just broke up with her becuse she did not have sex with him wow

Great video!


I think the cats name is Ty

The Panda Army

Let's just hope that they bring back split screen cough cough and not rely on microtransactions to unlock armor cough cough

Mr. Black Lung arthur

Ty looks like clint Eastwood with longer beared than him

Animation Nerd 27

Frozen 3 meet tangled

Jeremiah Knoll

2237 ft is garret I help u

Ebony Mitchell

Kind of mad that dude perfect didn’tdo anything I wanted to see them but I still loved the video❤️

*H M M M M M M M *M M M M M M M M


Ontario_ Hewitt Jr

They practice it's not fake

Ramon Gonzalez

guru what do u have psn or xbox


At the tweets , naughty was makes the swirls , weston , pet ville , springs hospital and two guys:ellebee_01 and drewbecks_1987. Drew was a worker at westons.

Ava Cado

I’m the anxious

Jules Soliman

Meanwhile in Cleveland....

Nik meh

I wish there was a way to try them fresh side by side. Everything looks so unappetizing reheated

Christie Johnson

Chess ty


"I wanna play as Hawkeye!"

Flyy Da Great



+FunWithGuru Please do MGS HD Collection or Legacy Collection as next or even Metal Gear Survuve.


holy shit im 21 and this shit looks sick


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