Mohammad pur delhi 110036 dak kwad 12.8.2015



haha Justin Beiber as Nathan? They'd have a riot on their hands!

Hajisk Nabunaga

well... on the attack on titan reference all the costumes were references to other shows. in ordr it was bakemonogatari, attack on titan, ano hana and puelka magi madoka magica.

Adam Herb

like this is a serious question. how long did it take to make the shot? like i dont care how many or whatever. just curious. i prolly would have never made it

Nathan Killion

That’s lit👌


The intention and the action can be misleading. He did push Lowrey away like a master who thinks himself somehow superior. Fines do not harm rich people. The disrespect will last a lifetime. This was this man's defining moment in life. What he will be known for.

art style

The voice cracks and the time she was wheeled away to the surgery broke me. My heart couldn't take it and I just cried.


i agree. a lot of his shots do look possible but this isnt. this would maybe knock a basketball off the tee 2 feet in front. sad

Valentina Saracino

I’m scared to go to a psychologist because I don’t want to have depression but I can’t find another explanation of what it’s happening or of how I feel. Also I think my father will treat me as a freak and my mother has too much pressure and sadness in her life. I don’t wanna told them because they will have to worried too much about me. I can’t really explain clearly why I’m scared because is too difficult. I don’t really know if I have depression I’m scared it might be just my imagination or me overreacting to how I feel.

Sipe Mom

i wish i could do all that so jelly :(

Adam Bosley me your thoughts!

President IceBear

Ice Bear says, Go Best Buy Race Car Driver!

Kira Fullbuster

If your watching this in 2027, leave a like.


DVA is in the borderlands 3 damnn

Steve Tao

Steph can probably do a lot of those


How milf you want your waifu?My lil man: xplode

Meaning "i should be weared because im famous"

tea for one

When I saw that big 2 behind the shoalin monks logo I freaked out for a second and genuinely started to question things.

She's a Starbucks barista who deliberately spells peoples' names wrong.

Paul Dye

Can we have editor edition 2 please and thank you

Super Trooper101

Steak and cheese sandwich

De Facto

Ten thousand views?

y. Dorin

S(he) be(lie)ved

Michael Brech

Y’all should return to Staten Island!

Niyaz Belal

I knew it!



George Guerra



Your dignity fell of at the beach

Emmad's Diamond Vlogs

When are you releasing ot10 please do it...

aekarin borrirak

My face swelled to a pumpkin.



zayden fatic

I love Broncos

Holden Ludwig

Flour blows up who knew?

Potato Oink


FINALLY!!! ;w;



Zachary Lussetto


Baka Chan

My last relationship in a nutshell pretty much...

Kayln Cope

Sick vid guys

kristers boks

2019 july anyone?

KbH JAfue

I feel so lucky to have free healthcare in Canada

Ian Underwood

1 like = 1 tree planted


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