Modi's Swearing-in Ceremony: G Kishan Reddy takes Oath As MoS

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Julia Martinez

5:39 the dog is part of dude perfect


Ja! Calladita , se nota todos los dias fiestas y alcohol...aun trato de ver que tiwnw de calladita

Colin Looby

Link: Finally after Devine Beasts and Shrines and Koroks and Side Quests and Master Swords and Hyrule Castle sneaking, HES FINALLY DEAD!



Adithya Parashar

Dudescome to India some time

Christian P

I think I found a new Easter egg. It's in chapter 8 or 9. Can't remember. Anyway there's this one part where ya look off into the distance off this one rock where all the slides are and there's a little red area. Almost like a heat sensor. Im pretty sure it's an Easter egg. Haven't seen any other videos about it

yeeyeeitsbella 23

guys not saying i support but sometimes people are raised that way like my cousin went to prom with a girl because all of her friends went with other seniors and juniors (she was a sophomore ?) but she went with a girl so she didn’t feel left out but my grandma found out and she got so mad and she was like why’d you go with a girl and all that stuff and not everyone’s going to agree with the lgbtq community

Spike Mars

GG USA, You beat us Brits this time but look out in Tokyo


@Joshx2iPac go to the website i nthe description, duh.

Happy Girl

Yeah, i think a had depression, also, in that time I heard my mom telling my aunt i might had depression, but im good now, I’m happy

Dave Laurinaitis

the new version Lucy should I

Reece Armer

@xDabomb7771xlol... thats not normal to do that all the time like.

xo Canadianxpotato xo

I want to tell u the story of my life about the abuse I wenr

beautiful nightmare

"That's Wade's mask."

Will Thompson

They need to do one with Mike Trout


More marksman stuff like long range

Zeus robotics

A lot of us r told to work hard and make money... but we should make happiness and give happiness

Bibiana Carabali Viveros


Drank Shadow


Devin Krum

Bruh why does Ty look like papa roach


Dean Federman

These people are amazing

Clayton Stewart

I love how this course let them have the entire course to the self on aeration day. For anyone that doesn’t know, that’s where they take punches or plugs out of the green and fill them with sand so that the roots of the green grass can breathe and stay green year-round. That’s why the greens they were on had holes full of sand on them. (courses are usually closed for aeration day and the day after)

Fire, Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, and Explosive.

Jivani Sejal

Hill climb

Comrade Irelandball

#YIAYjob full time anime girl

Faran Usmani

if it is real i like them very much

Suky BlackRose

I'm a girl...


There is no way to stop global warmingElsa: Am I a joke to you

Carol Slusarz

i punt like 500 feet in air

Hannah Rose


Angel Johnson

Jeffree should do an eye shadow palette with nothing but shades that corresponds with his lipstick shades

Jeannette Burgess

Bravo..More!! MORE!!!!!!

Jiub the Saint

Aliens Colonial Marnies? You've just lost your credibility.

Alex Wolfe

Does anyone just stop and remember that these are grown men.......playing go karts?

BTW... 2:54


01:01 ntrollface lolz

Todd Rozens

7.24. LOL

Rucheeta Ramakant


Gretchen Martin

I just spit sweet tea all in my bed when grayson jumped at the end of his round off


not enough yeah boy, mr meme

Elite Rockstar

tOo aWeSoMe

Daniela 33008

And plus why didn’t you hit John in the face he would’ve got mad and he would Probably stop


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