MM College Fatehabad Two Day Seminar on Environmental Issues Held

MM College Fatehabad Two Day Seminar on Environmental Issues: Impact Control and Challenges, held. In this Video: Dr Gurcharan Das, Principal briefs about the seminar. Dr MK Kidwai CDLU addressing the students. Dr Ashok Makkar Department of Law CDLU and Dr Pratibha Makhija Department of English on the dias. This video was recorded on 10th March 2018 at Fatehabad

Charlie Reiss

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Margo Burch

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Donkey Squidward

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Super Banana

This video came out exactly two years a go

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Annie Santana

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Abinav Venkatesan

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the music and awesome easter eggs, i love this channel

S Campbell

Every one of these guys interrupts the record judge every single time with pre-emptive celebrating!  I know that they're really excited, but such behavior was repeatedly rude...(Other than that I love the guys, love the show & congrats on your record setting accomplishments & approaching 27 million views on this video alone!)

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I really appreciate your videos, I always think about how many days would this dude take to make these kind of videos. Thanks man cB

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• Kiddyn

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