Ksheer sagar hostler boysss

Ash da Vamp

I used to have anorexia but like bruh these sites should be BANNED AND SEUD WTF

becky gould

I’m different too. I’m not sure in what way. I’m 53 and asbergers syndrome, and autism ADD etc , at least where I’m from we’re not available diagnosis when I was little. I’d excell past other kids in some ways and fall behind in others. Even though I’m much more socialized now, certain situations upset me more than they do normal people. If someone yells at me , or gets angry with me for something not my fault, I get confused and frustrated and the longer it takes to resolve the more upset I get. I’m glad I’m not the only one !❤️

Nightcore 4 my life

I just thought about mr crabs during this

JakeThe Scar

Hey there is a song called "The Village" its by Wrabel. Its a really good song about a girl becoming a boy. Go watch it!

FreSzu CsGO


Ismael Gallardo

@funwithguru please whats the song i really like it 9:50

Candice Perry

Every pain has to have a cure

SolidTree Videography

Game of Frozens

Theresa Saavedra

aaron rogers

DCTV Productions

My grandpa died as well 😢

Benjamín Carvallo


Greville Prince

i have anxiety to its terrible feeling

Iqmal 110

The black jeket you messi??🤣

Shehan Fernando

Good shit FunWithGuru, as always.

Liam Unsworth

when my video buffered, it showed a fidget spinner (cuz i came here from kacpi26)

When you smile you can breathe


Alright, I didn't knew the 2º one, and it's pretty fucking amazing. How is anyone supposed to figure that out!?

Skinny Joe

#4 fuck you

Solar clix

Anyone here Dec.3 2018

Mahalakshmi Rallapalli


Roja Rani

If garett used only one engine then also he will win because it's of 650Feet

Dylan Liang

To short


Post a golf starotipes

Krish Nallamalli

7:04 when the accidents are still wins with him


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