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Meet Manoj Chopra, Asia's Strongest Man. He can break over 2500 things but uses his power for good. Watch the ‘Chattisgarh Giant’ as we take a look into his life and what pushed him to be the strongest Indian in the world.Please subscribe and never miss a video: thanks to: Manoj ChopraConceptualization: Exhale SportsDirector: Akshat NauriyalDOP: Naman SaraiyaEditor: Akshat NauriyalProducer: Now DelhiJoin us on:Connect with us on G+:us on Facebook: us your favourite videos


Bout time

Hamsters And more

That’s a different kind of mental hospital

M.C! mkd


Fear Venom

Paul just poofed

Udit Mishra

6:52 that was matherfucking impossible. Ofg


I don't get the ending. can someone plz explain tis to meh plz.

Lavender Skies

4:51 if you know, you know

mathias havaas

So we finally get to discover where Elsa is truly from? I'm hella excited!


Who ship Ashannie?

Lyscincka Viomesnil

Lovely vlog! I like it! Big kiss!

Don Hemisphere

I thought this guy was kacpi but

Aislynn Sommers

10:10 I though the light in the back was Slenderman for a second lol

Doogsu 27

I watched a video, it showed 2 people think that the good trick shots you do are fake. Maybe it was because they were jealous? 😕

The Keyboard Smashing Club

i heard this voice often in this channel

The Cheesy Channel

I thought i was watching a black mirror episode


lol shower scene

Simon McNally

I think the ? Should be give Cory a break and take his name outin wheel UnFortunate

Anil Erenel

omg i was waiting for new chimera

cutie pie

They look so young

Tanny Light

pls try to chant Medicine Buddha with one mind Don’t think the other things Just Think and chant Medicine Buddha all the time with hope . I’m 100% sure that you’ll get rid of this disease.Try to Believe Medicine Buddha . U can google it to know who he is . Pls chant his name. Medicine Buddha will definitely help you

"Yeah uh... i need about tree fiddy"

Eero Jukola

2019 anyone?


While you're watching T.V. and there is enemy's at the door they sit down by the couch and say Holy shit.

Jimi the Schmuck

@FunWithGuru Actually, an Easter Egg is something in a game that references another game. The Raiden outfit is a reference to Metal Gear, so it is an Easter Egg.

Title:A psychopath broke into my house

Luka Besic

You should be happy for yor health

•biscuit_bisquicc •

That is awful. I’m so sorry

That Ginger Guy that Plays Games

Holy crap your British, keep marlin these vids

PowerOn163 FTW

7:41 noice jeep santa

Bella Sexton


CrAzyCrEw YT

I believe that the cat camera's name is panda. Panda is the main mascot of DP and pandas are normally black and white. Please say if I got this right.. if not, it's OK.

Alright class turn in your homework

Lookin' at the view, like this concerns me

Matthew Harvey

Jet fuel wasn't enough to burn through the shingles on this place... Just saying.


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