Maharshi Santsevi Paramhans Ji Maharaj


This look sad

uses command /weather thunderstorms

Susu :3

I don't understand the Dear Esther game that much? Like people say it's really relaxing and takes their anxiety away. Hell the fuck no, it does not do that?? It's literally a long journey to your own death in the end? I still don't get the idea for it. ( but I actually kinda like the game, but I found it fucking creepy after I saw the black ghostly figure following + the ending is weird )

Samuel Blanco

Como diria el Kun “es Futbol, no soccer”

Natalie Sam

this is so sad.. videos like this remind me of my sister so much.


Im definitely the anxious one..

Patrick Romine



İn 01:45 the dron is fall like a bottle flip

Laura Adriance

Those 3d models were cool

Daniël Liedorp

Let's Gooooooooooo!!!

mariam ortiz

My dad is from El Salvador

no no



Jamie Bowland

The indoor chipper

im sorry no offence

wazim buhora

Fuuuuuuuuuk meeee :O

Mason Lockhart

I’m so confused what the hells going on

queen.anisa Anisa

This is so sad that many people go through this every day

Randy Waltrip

why does it seem that Tyler always wins

Alan Prado

The part where she may not survive that sounds like me when i was born my parents where poor too but they never abandond me

Praise Machonisa

Minute videos you've done it again


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