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partogi andreas hutapea

My Anger : Congratulation, Disney!! You make another unimportant cameo!! First A113, and now this!!!

Teri Ross


Israel Trevino

Once I heard fortnite, I knew that this kid was gone


the most people say the old cod was better than the now time cod i really do not know which one i think was best but i dont care about it anyways


Like si no tiendes nada

God From Heaven

At the start I was like jeez there like 87 and that trick shot daamm

doug bagshaw

Doug's daughter Cheyenne here. Coby will win

Connor Bell

I’ve been watching your YouTube video since I was seven and I’m 12 now


Harry Potter + Metal Gear = Solid Snape

Julius Baldwin

Pirates of the carribien refrence at 3:07

Rambo Panda

I am very fucking pissed you do not have 1 million subs ;(

bellissima 1202

Bruh i have the same things as her but i dont have bipolar so thats gonna be awesome when i get mine in the future

you're welcome

Myles Rabin

john cena

Gregory Ramires

Wheel unfortunate idea: last 30 seconds in a pool during winter

JadedFeathers Death


What the BRO

Win Tom

this is the best shot they ever had

Syed Khalil

I sort of wished I hadn’t been so close with my mom. She died 6 months ago, and I’ve been grieving since then. Ur mom is very special. She went through the pain to be pregnant for 9 months, and took care of u since then. Don’t take advantage of ur mom. 🙏

Alexander Pedersen

Tyler is Home top win💪

Emerald Party

I am currently watching this after playing a baseball game. (My team lost 6-5) I have a recommendation. Swimming stereotypes

average gamer

FunWithGuru, you said you liked Inside, why is that? Do you like the story?

Evie Butler

O If never go visit japan sometimes, its awsome there!!!

Linda Emge



Are there any easter eggs in Outlast? :P


Its amazing you survived an plane crash it's really an miracle. We all definitely believe it.

P.S. I’m on the road to 50 subs or maybe even 100!

Luxo Ball Then maybe Mia ‘s parents could have traced / tracked her down using your phone. U had no reason to lie

kokoko lololo

I want to get 20 like it makes my brother happy

This girl: MY LIFE IS OVER

Frank Graham

CORY but team GPH Garret purple hoser

Nguyen Cindy

BRUH l got period 2 times IN 1 mOTH and IT STILL GOING,Now l have to protect my body :c

Grace Nern

Lmaoooo why tf is this video literally Starving in Suburbia

The Gamer 510510

You should have a gaming room or a tennis court.

nevaeh rose

follow @official.vaeh on instagram..🥳


I miss his videos

jake josh

Hey James............oh wait

Pedro Guzman


B1aZe_ StOrm

Garrett: I think I’m gonna be okTyler: We need to call an ambulance


That last one wasn't so scary.


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