$220 Kobe Beef Lunch - Kyoto - Teppanyaki in Japan

Luxury lunch in Kyoto, Japan's old capital, including shrimp, vegetables, Kobe beef, fried garlic rice, miso soup, vanilla ice, cake and coffee -

Xander the Dragon

Omg that weapon mr. Toots is funny and also weird XD

Fluffy Meowington

I've been in love with Halle Berry for over 20 years, and here we are again...

Jacob Wynn

Gotta love the Waffle House hat Tylers wearing

the happy alien

This is the exact things happen to me all nights (aprixametly) and i have to pretend its ok


Well both are cool but i prefer third for sneaking and first for combat maybe :D

Dhruv Anand

Names of power rangers?????tell me plss anyone

Christian Garcia

Great taste in music AND great editing?! One of my all time favorite YouTube channels !

Munchiee Mob

Awesome top 10

Diego Muñoz

Guru estat eggs Iam alive xD

June Jimmy

Great ... i can use this for my essay

Caleb King

you recomend this game to anyone when it has so much inapropite stuff in it wow ur some smart im 12 but i would only play this for the fun on multiplayer so i could screw around with my friends but thats it

Alex Yakoub

#Likefor Panda.

Reid Gowan

My, how production value’s gone up in almost 10 years


Saturn is made of gas you can't stand on it. What is the use of having land on it. But otherwise another AMAZING video!

Ayush Ram

Most of the ester eggs have been seen in other videos

David Arellano

Don’t worry and thanks for making awesome videos through the years and happy beginning of 2019!!!🎉

Perla Cantu

Omg it’s so crazy how far you guys have gotten 😭😭like I’m so glad I was there through the whole process like dude 😭😭like when y’all first started 😢

Sad Man

I wonder if I can dynamax the move splash

•Gacha Mocha•

I have a friend and his little sister was getting bullied so one day my friend punched the bully in the face! Every time he tells me that story I yell, ”GET REKT”

Lizarrd Gaming

Who could beat them

Paola Perez

diganme que no fui la única que lloro :'3

Shubhashni Dubey

You guys are very very ausome

Me:*Kicks his crotch and murders family*

Braigen Yunnie

How do trees get on to the internet?They log on.

Addiel Chavez

Please bring back grunts that cus at you!!!!!

I wanna be too skinny even if it meant body shaming

Myleigh Davenport Vlogs ‘n’ more

Avocado ranch is from Chick-fil-A sooo gucci

Sabita Behera

I knew it was checkers

Megu X

Forever BTS' Baby


Does it take more three visits 2 the have the doctor to be cured of BPA?

Sehej Deo

Keep calm and always love Sehej 😎

Me : totally confusion

hunter 5657

I'm done


Id like to eat at A Aloha Snackbar

Ninja Miller

Amazing vid


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