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ABN Open Heart with RK with TRS Ex-MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy who recently resigned TRS party and has joined in Congress. He talks about his family and his education also reveals the facts of KTR. #KondaVishweshwarReddy #OpenHeartwithRK #TelanganaElections2018For more latest political and breaking news subscribe @ABN is a 24/7 Telugu news television channel run by Aamoda Broadcasting Network dedicated to latest political news, live reports, exclusive interviews, breaking news, sports, weather updates, entertainment, business and current affairs.#Telangana2018, #Telanganaelections2018Follow us @

Comrade Doushkin



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Dancejeweled Pro

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Cake Pop Frosting

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Is this a Thai animation? The music sounds like it.



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Brandon Esch

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Dude Awesomeness


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Meh.. all these anime games that they turn into adventure games are always so lackluster. This looks lame and I’m also so tired of retreading the Z storyline. Why not a game that starts the WHOLE series from the very beginning. Let’s start with Dragonball... that IS the start of Gokus journey. It’s like doing a One Piece game and always starting at the New World... or doing a Naruto game and always starting with Shippuden. Cmon, now.

Timothy Kim

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