Kondaveeti Donga Songs Sri Anjaneyam - Chiranjeevi Radha Vijaya Santhi Ilayaraja

Movie: Kondaveeti Donga,Cast: Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti, Radha,Producer: T Trivikrama Rao,Director: A. Kodandarami Reddy,Music: Ilayaraja,Release: 9/3/1990.Story line:Raja(Chiranjeevi) goes to town for higher studies with the donation of people living in a tribal village. He returns back to his village after the studies. He then finds the sufferings of his people and how they are cheated local heads (Rao Gopal Rao and Mohanbabu).He then fills confidence in his men and tells them that they should face these illegal in the court of law. But this duo makes the villagers fools and Raja's attempts goes in vain. Few villagers get hurt by this act suicide as they have no other option and the blame is on Raja as he has forced them. Sametime Raja is selected for IAS but he rejects it and decides to fight against the villains and changes to a Robinhood avatar and names himself as Kondaveti Donga. He punishes the illegal and stands by the villagers thus all his folk starts admiring him. Trouble starts when the villains start doing mischief in the name of him. Vijayasanthi is an inspector comes to his place to catch hold of him. Radha her sister, working as a doctor knows his true identity and starts loving him. How this kondaveti donga punished the fraud people or is he caught by the police or what happens to him forms the rest of the story.Songs: 01 – Kolo Kolamma 02 – Subhaleka03 – Jeevithame 04 – Devi Sambavi 05 – Chamaku Chamaku 06 – Tip Top 07 – Sri AnjaneyamWatch more movies @


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