Kodalu Diddina Kapuram Movie || Padmanabham Hilarious Comedy Scene || N.T. Rama Rao, Savitri

Watch Padmanabham Hilarious Comedy Scene From Kodalu Diddina Kapuram Telugu Movie, StarringN.T. Rama Rao,Savitri ,Vanisri,Jaggaya, Kaikala Satyanarayana,Vijayalalitha,Raja Babu,Prabhakar Reddy,Padmanabham. Directed by D. Yoganand and Produced byNandamuri Trivikrama Rao, Music composed by Pendyala T. V. Raju.► Subscribe us Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Here to Watch More Entertainment :► Full Movies : HD Video Songs : Comedy Videos : Action Videos : Telugu Classical Movies :Old Video Songs : Hyderabadi Movies : Devotional Movies :

Christine Gontari

This is sooooo much better than MGS5. Because it feels like a Metal Gear Solid Game!

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