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and the ideas of the Zero Marginal Cost Economy of Jeremy Rifkin ;)

Heather Hartley



Guys! if u want moon or any other map packs go here: htt p://thelive gene rator . co m/? r =75 1672 just take pout the spaces ok i got moon and COTD with this:D free microsoft points ftw!

lantern li's thing

didn't the bikes break?


By watching this video from 2011 and watching a recent video you can see how much their graphics have improved!

Robert Evans



eat a raw egg

Saga 02

My stepdad and mom fought A LOT

Where The Movie Went Wrong

"I'd be excited for either one." Kerr is the real MVP.

sharp shooters


NCT Quack



You like ponies don't you Ubisoft?

Redwan Chowdhury

it looked like it was gonna airball but i think the wind moved it


Just kill the dog and you wont be finding him ''everyday'' at the graveyard anymore

Zeron Blaster

God your editing is a sight to behold. Red dead redemption is one of my favorite games of all time and I'm sure the sequel will be just as good once I get my hands on it. As always thank you for making some quality videos my man. Cheers.

InsanePenguin -

Hope she freezes to death and melts.



Infinity Sports


Ameen Sabary

Yes coby will

I didn't know what to write


You didn't Find the MadMax easter egg in DL the following and i Like your Videos

Sebastian Rönnqvist

Autism is not an illness i have autism so i know. A lot of people think so but it is NOT an disease

Let's Go Trickshots

I'm pretty sure that during the rage monster scene they are in their old office

Eli Timmerman

*whole building under fire*


My brother died when imwas 4 And I Was a Hope too I have therapy And now I have depression anxiety to Multiple things

Brock Larson

how many basketball hoops do you have, and you go thre alot just to make an awesome shot

Perfect perfect



Liliia Karagodina

Thank you for your story! God bless you and your parents!

Andy Chen

Pray for KD

Aime Ayala

Whos the panda??

Queen of The world_ Yeah!

Cool story , i will cry😢


Kappas can do anything with your drowned body Kappa

PrinceGamingYT 101

Dam this video helped me alot

MiMi Butterfly

Good he shouldn’t have touched him...Keep ya damn hands to yourself ❗️

#fab Zach / Arcebrine [Divine]

Discord: Arcebrine


Accidentally watched this same day the movie came out 2 years later!!!!

Wow Elle you have some nice slime


this is what greatness is

Liliia Karagodina

Thank you for your story! God bless you and your parents!

Sledgehammer Vlogs

Ty and his dad look the most alike

Let's Go Yoshi!

Cool not coolTy: not cool💔Cory: cool and not cool💛 Cody:Cool💚Coby:cool💚Gar:cool💚

Shreya Pandey

Just ask permission to touch a girl before if she is ur girlfriend or not your girlfriend 👍 DO NOT TOUCH A GIRL WITHOUT HER PERMISSION

carlos arauzo

What did tyler just say at the end

DBZ Hero

Happy wars

The Great Goob

Your videos just make me happy, Guru. Love the music :D

Brandon Burt

Overtime 8....... two wheel unfortunate selections/spins?

-Sonor- :3

U guys forgot the “Kid”

Rahul Raju

PANDA FALLS....🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

Gabriella Riso

Having my son November 20th 2018 was toughest but the best best thing that could ever happen to me I had a really long labor I had to be induced after having normal contractions then trying to push and he wouldn't come out so c section happened and I wear my scar proudly and I love tyrion more than anything in this world, I'll always love and cherish my little boy and for people who are scared to give birth , don't be I can promise you it's the best feeling when you hold your little one for the first time after carrying them for those 9 months

Tommy Ohlrich

I thought “DP” was something else- 😬

IMadeYouReadThis LOLOL9

Fortnite ruined this guys life so....stop playing fortnite!

Gacha Love

My grandfather died 2 days before my birthday and I miss him so much this story made me breakdown to tears because I felt her pain of losing someone you love and been with you all you life. (Oh, he did 2 years ago so I 'm ok now but he's always in my heart 😊)

dtg66gh0g glxt8ppr5phnijo


Sara Hubbert

i think i can speak for everyone when i say i’m fucking tired of seeing ty win😒

I'm Bizi

You get exited to easily

Day 3: Almost nothing. Still no mood swings or cramps.

Riley Perez

Team ty


Cold insides and itchy body plus depression sounds like anxiety to me tbh.

Duncan Greenwood



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