karnataka mein jeet se congress gadgad, bjp boli- mat itrao

कर्नाटक में कांग्रेस को भारी बहुमत मिली है जबकि जनता ने बीजेपी सरकार को उखाड़ फेंका है। कांग्रेस इस जीत से गदगद है तो बीजेपी इस हार को कर्नाटक बीजेपी में अंतर्कलह से जोड़कर देख रही है। Subscribe


Lol the bangzoom plug... omfg

Skykidd #1

could you try dropping it in water?

Sloth jr

In season 1 episode 6 of dexter, when dexter is deleting his info of masuka's computer; its is saved under "Patrick bateman" a reference to the main star in American psycho.


Well I must admit, I enjoyed the video.

Claudia Rivera

That would be funny if the egg cracked in there mouth

Ailin lobo

virat kholi plzz

Gacha Wolf_07

Hi any small youtubers want to help eachother out?

bin 2000

No class by the raps fan


Sooooooo.... Half Life 3 confirmed?

Stouffer's Lasagna

some deep shit man

¿¡P L S N A T H A L I E¡¿

Im cringin the end


Nobody will avoid the face of ricardo milos

Mike Austin


Shiva Kumar


mega destroyer king

0.1 percent

Jack Hintze

Zeke is a better kicker than Cody Parkey

Apacolypse Gaming


Andrew Plays


Gry 0726

This actually looks AMAZING!! I liked the first one, but it wasnt my favorite, tbh i dont think the first one deserves the hate that it gets. But this one looks very good, and the animation is WONDERFUL like omg!!!

Curry gang

Do you make a big job or did

Zeynep Tezbaşar

Akward . . .

Suburban Contractors

im wher fanf

scotty mills

If I'm not mistaken on 2:15 ain't that the bunker from Just Cause 2.?

Carter Sams

You guys are the coolest youtubers in the intire world and you will stay that way


What about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk next time ?

Melissa Geijp

quantum break easter eggs

Matthew LaRue

you would get so flagged off for the army man

Jared Brokloff

@FunWithGuru Most stupid*

Nikki Terhall

sees airdrop "Not worth it." NOW THATS A SECRET 😂

Gerson Cuevas

She should have faced him and then tie him to a bed and teach him his place and to who he belongs ;)

Nicholas Lewis


Eclipse the misfit

It's so sweet of her to help the girl.

Perfect perfect


Best downloadable game ever. Skyrim Elder Scrolls v

Raphi Aplian


Kaka Karimi

What's wrong with this sentence?

gabriel allen eustaquio

At 1:28 tyler and cory had the same net ringer hahahaha

foxfell foxton

The song you bonged was mario

conspiracy theories

860 Aziz

Str8 facts

Kitty Queen47

If you want chandler to win then do a the last one to stop eating challenge

Rosemont Outdoors Live

Like your channel who is panda

Like a Pro

I feel ya once I had it for 2 days only the pain was unbearable I wanted to kill myself and I’m only 11


See gaming companies don't do stuff like this anymore, even in halo. They don't make as much effort to make the game more exploitable and interesting


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