Kalinga university Naya Raipur ( Fake university)

Etv news or students ka khulasa #kalinga university (Naya Raipur C.G.) ko #manyata nhi fir bhi college ko dhadalle se chalya jaa rha or students ke career ke sath khilwad kiya jaa rha...


0:27 DJ khaled, i found funwithguru easter eggs :D

steffen gameofsix

awesome, keep up the great work!

Dota FoLife


Anthony Hegedus

When the panda fell I saw a white face and brown hair

108 thunderbolt

I always wait for the rage monster

Slmanx Gamer

Good players in the world

9774111090 Alami

who else creep out at 5:34 n 8:45

... ... ... ..,,-“:::::::::::::::/::::::/::::::::::::::::\::::::::::::\:::::::::\

Glacha Galツ

Everyones comments are 20, 22, 16 hours ago. Was this posted earlier than me?

Wilson .Hudson

these guys are my heroes

Miami _Heat_New_305


Yasmin Asif

If i tricked you. You should have to give a like.Read more

Marco Player

1:56 representation of a nuclear missile

Hunter 5900

He should get drafted by the broncos

Austin Seely

Sun roof shot

Yadi Suarez

Good song


haha 9.1? :P

Demonic Dragon


Roberto GCB

He is better than Sanchez and Romo together haha

Cam M

Typical low life New Yorkers. Just another day, move on.


Ew people likes gucci gang


The TLOU songs made me cry

Koopa Tube

I have adhee

alt Z

Cheers to those who suffer from both like I do.. smh.. 🤷‍♂️ FML

.For Getting everyone girl in here pregnant

Oskar Hartman

too bad almost 1,3 million subscribers but still nothing...

Clever Man

The first song is fancy

Gautam Verma

No One:

Jason Morrison

How did the panda win!🐼


Scootco JJJ

Don’t blame yourself...You didn’t know

alliyah enguerra

This girl is f*cking terrible

Arianna Lozano

They forgot ponyo

The Cool Kid

Harrison Smith

my name is Harrison and my friend is Cruz. thnks

Just Laugh

Go watch the vid when coby actually won


This made my day 😂 thankyou and keep up the good work

vitor Rodrigues


Tes777Ethan is awesome

Team coby

Tzviel Kahan

I mean chad

Furkan Nisanci

Cem bora sahin saol alt yazi icin

Ruby Fong

I haven't seen you in person, but honestly your style looks super cool and you look super cute and interesting. You're one of those people I would look at and say "I wish I looked that good in those clothes" and "I wish I had style like this". Plus you seem super nice and you look like you know who you are xx don't change

Avenies Boutique

Love this video I’m a huge fan🙌🏻💕🥰🙏🏻 but please don’t show Max’s wife on the videos it’s distracting. I enjoy watching you every time you put a video. Huge fan💕! Thank you so much... I hope you don’t show Max’s wife on the background again thank you so much🙏🏻 I just want to see the food and yourself 🙏🏻

I am a Creepynoodle :D

H e h a s t o u c h a d a c h i l d

Tlangthanpuii Chhakchhuak

Ha ha

Dan Anthony Ventura

This is the same feeling that I have. My grandfather passed away, and it has been 3 weeks after his burial. This experience was almost exactly the same thing in the video. I thank you for this video. Even though I feel sad and depressed, I could always remember the good times we had. I also felt guilty of it, but this video has cheered me up somehow and lit back the fire in me. Thanks!


Watching this in 2019 be like

Chris Poje

Ty Just has to win **


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