J.yoganandam (C.g) college - Raipur 10-9-2014


Charlotte Liedholm

You rock I love your channel you guys are completely awesome have you shot eggs off of TY's head

World Of Gaming

This is why they have nearly 40 mill

Zigz Gaming

Garrett achieved axe murder status

Eliza Rose

I Love their enthusiasm! 😂

Elspeth Edema

I love paul


Haters are our Motivators!

Cleo Grove

"I guess I can tell you" tells her "oh I said that too loud"

LovinqTo Gacha

People from Russia are really pretty

Cynical Drummer

What's the difference between softball and baseball ?is it the ball they use?

Blake Root

If you notice, next to the red dead book on the shelf... There's a book called "american history y" I'm pretty sure that's a reference to american history x.

Me: I lost my dad to cancer that wasn't treated at all by chemo, I watched him slowly die be Bleeping thankful you have a dad who makes sure you have what you need while being sick instead of being so shallow over your god bleeping hair!

Allan Playz 21


Gumpina Aishwarya

I hope I could get tickets for the movie in 3D coz I mthe craziest fan of Elsa nd Anna


Wait I’m confused. If you were born in 02... how are you in collage already... Did I miss something or is it just me lol

Jacob Farid

Cool 😎


No guidance is right. No one ever beat his a$$ when he was acting a fool. That's why he's still a jackhole today.

Sena Baag

I understand that being deported against your will is not okay,but you mentioned that you are an illegal immigrant, meaning you came to the U.S. in an illegal way. I know that things were tough for you and your family but that doesnt mean you should be able to have the same rights legal immigrants should have. Legal and Illegal immigrants are both human beings meaning neither of them should be deported against their will back to another country but that doesnt mean illegal and legal immigrants should have equal rights. There are other ways to live a happy life in the U.S. You can register for a green card or take a citizenship test.


hello. what software is MinuteVideos using?


Idk why but all my friends were saying elsa is gay

Jack McDonogh

It has ea in the title so it's not trustworthy.

Long live king nip!

Surinder Kaur

I did not laugh

atiny .promise



Being 17 and dosent have a phone;(


i only have seen one of them, this eggs are on gamecube too?

Boxtober Aid

Gears of Wars one is so hilarious XD

Anthony McNeil

KATARA: “I’m the greatest Water bender in the world”ELSA:HOLD MY CROWN

Isis Jade

Kristen is so beautiful 😭😭💕💕


dont tell me bf1 suck


Obviously it was fake guys. It was part of the skit. Thats why it was funny -__-


That's not anxiety; thats your evil inner voice giving you anxiety. I know, my evil inner voice always looks back at the embarrassing moments of my past. Additionally my evil inner voice is very impatient, stuck up, and quick tempered. We all have them, but it's up to ourselves to kick them out when necessary.

LilyTheCreativeFox 3137

I am watching this at the airport....what? No! I am not are

Soulja Boy

spelled stuff wrong


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