Jutaan Orang Menangis ! Ayah Orang Kaya, Tapi anaknya Membuat Ayahnya Malu ?

M3rinding!! Lihat apa yang di lakukan anaknya, begitu peduli, begitu mencintai, sampai sampai si ayah anak tersebut memeluk dan menangis tersedu sedu sambil memeluk anaknya.Malu tidak bisa mengajarkan si anak belajar membaca alquran.


We make amazing basketball shots too! Although our world record is put onto smaller scale because of this, it's still a record!! Check us out! **Sponsored by SKLZ***

james silfies

guru your awesome :D


Hey wake up if i could i will slap your face you had cancer And you survive and you are complaining about your hair ne thanks full that you servive!!


the numbers you need to right in on mob of the dead is the numbers the guys in shi no numa radio says

Cool Jax

I love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Xgamesvideos Officiele kanaal


ireedui byamba


Seanny Nanny

mice Samsung s10 ad song

Isabella Strader

Ok, Garrett looks a loooot like my great uncle. He was the biggest hippie ever and still has his ponytail. Lol

Itss Aaronn


Mad Max Rockatansky

Kept you waiting huh is not the same without Hayter.

Sunshine Gomez

Done .


You "fake" idiots... It's even more difficult to try edit THAT well than only throw the ball... -.- Some of you have never tried to do these crazy shots I guess. It's awesome!

Mark White

I love Spot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuteness Queen

The only cheating I find acceptable is on tests.

game,s with muziek

It not dat bad no it really bad


It's just about having fun, lay off and let them have fun.

Vanessa Acuna

Poor panda he always gets jacked up

Gimena Arriaga

10 or 11

After he grabbed the you know what

Parker Curtis

Coming up with the names is probably harder than the trick shot

ღHuffle Puffღ

Theres a program in the community i live in where people with disabilities similar to this can find jobs without that much trouble.

Patrick Osadebe

Cody cursed


how the fuck do you spot half of those?

Bean _Salad

I have the type of OCD when everything has to be perfect......not diagnosed but everything needs to be organized or perfect for me

Ant. N. B.

some of these flew over my head and i'm nineteen!

Corsica Mullen

Who is watching this in 2017?

Marcus Lopez

Damn did u see those numbers? The number of likes and views and that's just on you tube. TMC

Ana Hernandez

this is by far my favorite minute video out of all of them besides the office love series I love how the narrator pursued her passion for getting skinnier not realizing up until the last minute she became anorexic

felix andersen


fortnite isnt good

emon wya

unusal factors

Polo g best rapper out💯

James Martinez

because you can not do it does not mean it is fake.Dude Perfect is legit

Yash Khanna


Reece C.

Ive been diagnosed with BPD and I dont know whats me and whats the disorder...

Amelia Strohmayr

omg pause on 3:26 hahah

Josh Smith

1:35 "Mama hes a REAL panda!!"

Rotfl 14

Congrats on getting 30 on trending

HaZeR_ -323

this videos are so stupid... they do it many times until they make it in...


In far cry 4 there is a reference to indiana jones the last crusade where there are lost of golden cup on shelves and a diary next to them

Jesus Barajas

Can you guys do sleep stereotypes


Damn. Gotta start yeeting my meat.

DeAndte' Petty

Kobe snapped in the first couple seconds lmao

Srinivasa B Nayaka


Boris Cuellar

I wonder with which bottom or key this guy edits😂

Kathleen Storer

Why does his hair keep on changing??!!


04:50 looks like breaking nad pinkman? nah....

salima Marocco



The real reason Elsa got her powers is because...her mother had an affair with the Night King. Jon Snow knows that's why the troll told her to go North. That's the only thing Jon Snow knows.


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