Jesus Will Come Again

Venusa Majare

How are you doing


what about lighthouse body on that island?

RkoIsLife 1738

november 2018?

Bala Mutas

i remember we used to play together guru,always searchin/trying new glitches ahhh good old black ops 1 times. i'm glad you reached 30k subs on second channel,good luck in the future guru.

dr penguin

that last one well... they should call it jacking and wank

Bert Maclin

These guys are wholesome af no cursing..unfortunately dp had a much stronger brand already

Jesus GGez

This was a cute video

Mark Bosshardt

Giants should draft him

Warlord Legends

I was expecting the black mesa references from the portal games. maybe on like number 10 but still

Clayton Reichanadter

Do a Track and field battle

Katherine Thaxton

I want a Polly

Bryce Phil

#YIAYjob a drug dealer

Darthpatuk Games

Yes thanks Nintendo!!

Jeon Tokki

Big Hit 🍃

Rowe Family

Who Elsa saw Tyler in the background of The Tall Man on the trash can like if you did

Rowen Montes



Anyone else watching in 2036?

William Thompson

On the card he should’ve asked curry to write “ ITS TACO TUESDAYYYYY!!!” ~only people who follow Lebron on Instagram would know


You should give Dude Perfect a World Record in leaving one Person hanging in one Video. You left Micheal hanging for like 10 Times.


Priya Karthik

Mario s classic theme


sorry if guru has already mentioned it ,but is this ps4 or ps3 gameplay?

Vile Vanessa

Bro no offence but I feel bad for your mom. I mean, I can understand u too but like 😢

Eli Mattox

Me at 1:20

Anonymous SS

So this looked like this was supposed to be about having a crush but it’s about bullying. Why?

Uchiha Madara

Trailer: We have always felt Elsa's powers were too much for this worldME: that's cuz you haven't met Avatar AANG the last air benderThen you'll know which is too much. 😊

Dustin Kearney

false rape accusations it sounds like

Gagan gill

Please tell how much India currency for off road car

M. V.

Trials fusion blood dragon easter eggs?


Austin Teed

“So fucking cool”

ARB Gaming


Lake Krantz


Athanasia St. Eugene

U have no idea or maybe you do, I have OCD. Ticking OCD it’s the worst, tapping everything in every little thing in every room. It sucks.

Emma's Gardening

I got a phone at 8 years old


How do we buy blitzballs when we are in Europe ? I'm a French viewer and i would like to buy some for " the job " but it is in US Dollars and we pay with Euros :/ Thx for the reply

Nin ja

Leave a like if you could see the difference99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999996999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Manyia's Journey



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