Into the Sun | Ashtanga Yoga Demo | Ty Landrum

Ashtanga Yoga demo by Ty LandrumDirected / Edited by Jesse R. Borrell, NOCOASTShot by Jesse R. Borrell and Jeffery GarlandProduced by Jaime DuMontMusic by The American DollarJune 2016, Boulder, COLandrum is the director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado.

Josh Creepa

Why do Americans say things so stupidly?!?! It is extremely infuriating to see another Aussie be told what they’re saying is wrong.

brankson plays

2:25 nathan drake?

Ellen Nathalia



As a witness let me say that I feel deeply sorry for the family of the pilot and for all the people that where scared remember that we are here for you

Edit : nevermind didn't get to the end part

love_girl3060 The T-pose god

This happens to my mother....i know this hurts.....

Dat Dude

Thank you so much 4 these videos, they are really making my day!


Can you make some zelda Easter egg videos too!



Leah Eggleston

Tys parachute got caught on the bottom part of the rocket and was pulled back down, thats why it didn't work.

cookiesand gaming

The war started is 1914 and ended in 1918 so this is wrong or fake


Dude perfect are the real creator of rocket league

Cathy San Juan

i didn't cried 😟


Pls play cricket

RAM:6.1 GB

Anna Weddle

The chiefs need him

Joshua Gutierrez

Let me guess you wanted to be like N i N j a

Tyler Kunst

0:24 x2 playback speed XD

Kristin Wiebold

I am glad that you decided to help support this young woman and her daughter. I am glad your parents were more on board when they found out the truth. No one has the right to abuse another person. You did the right thing.

Saam Redshuz

ND ? Nathan Drake ?

not okay

Ann is the anxiety.

Honker Tonks

Having no weapons is a glitch sometimes when you are revived, and since you pressed all the triggers you probably threw a grenade and downed yourself before you even had visual control over your character. Just a theory.

Bigc Gaming

Man Starship 1 was the very latest Easter Egg? Whoa...

Genesis Tone

this was such an awesome episode babby, keep up the awesome work my brotha !!

Dead Head 102

this was Ty perfect

American Capsicum Broadburst



Im introvert lul.


Perfect game for Guru to walk around slowly

ThelegendaryC K

Glory. To Arstotzka

Rage Dragon

My family is definitely the smuggler.We sneak in a lot of stuff I also go movie jumping.

snapped rat

the little good night IM CRYING HES SO CUTE

The Bat-Tester

Come on guys, clearly you can see that the only huges changes required are about looks, and designs. The rest really looks great. Don't be crackheads like every time a new get comes out.


U R The Best Channel Ever!!!

emma: 18:33

Ojaz M.


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