"Cauvery - in search of the waters" by Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej

Video created by RoundGlass Samsara Born in the green mountains to quench the thirst downstream, the River Cauvery is home to many and mother to all. The song, sung in Kannada, expresses that the river feeds us without complaining, bathes us in her beauty, provides us warmth, and soothes our troubled minds with that gentle flow. The waters falling over verdant hillsides and the serene mirror-like surface alike touch a chord in each one of us as she flows on, ever-giving, everlasting!We worship her and call her ‘Mother’. And yet we destroy her, steal from her, and pollute her existence with our greed. We take everything from her; she is the mother we pretend to love.Composed by Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej & filmed extensively in the South Indian states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu by Sairam Sagiraju, this is our full-length music video about River Cauvery.Sung By M D PallaviLyrics H. S. Venkateshamurthy -- Ricky Kej Grammy® Award Winning ComposerRoundGlass AmbassadorBillboard #1 Artist (USA)United Nations "Global Humanitarian Artist" AwardeeAdj. Professor NIAS (at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)---------------------------------------Enjoy & stay connected with us!!Subscribe to our Youtube Channel : us on FB: Circle Us on G+ :Us on Twitter :

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