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Ciao ragazzi, oggi prepariamo insieme il Ciambellone di Mele! Una ricetta facile e veloce che piacerà a grandi e bambini! Con l'arrivo dell'autunnola torta di mele per me è irrinunciabile; cerco sempre nuove ricette, così da poporre ai miei ospitiqualcosa di diverso dalla versione più classica. La particolarità di questa ciambella è l'altissimo contenuto di mele; infatti soli 150 grammi di farina accolgono circa 1 kg. di mele! L'impasto dopo la cotturanon ha la classica consistenza "spugnosa" dei ciambelloni,ma al contrario risulta molto morbido, umido e quasi cremoso! Una vera delizia! E' l'ideale sia per la colazione che per la merenda ma, non essendo la classica torta di mele, questo ciambellone può essere servito anche come dessert per una cena "rustica", magari accompagnato da una pallina di gelato alla vaniglia. Se come me amate le ricette di dolci le mele, sono sicuro che questo ciambellone soffice e "quasi cremoso" vi conquisterà!Un abbraccio e buona visione55Winston55★★★INSTAGRAM del canale 55WINSTON55: del canale 55WINSTON55: NUOVI VIDEO ogni Domenica ore 8.00 e Mercoledì e Venerdì ore 8.00❤❤ RICETTA "CROSTATA CARAMELLO E NOCI": RICETTA "NUVOLE NERE RIPIENE": RICETTA "PAN DI BANANE - BANANE BREAD": RICETTA "CROSTATA SOGNO AL CIOCCOLATO": RICETTA "DOLCETTI TROPICALI AL COCCO BANANA E KIWI": RICETTA "TORTA FREDDA AL CAFFE' E PANNA SENZA COTTURA": RICETTA "TORTA GELATO MILLEFOGLIE PANNA E NUTELLA": RICETTA "BRIOCHE CON CUORE DI NUTELLA": RICETTA "GIRELLE ALLO YOGURT E ALBICOCCA": RICETTA "TORTA PANNA COTTA AL CIOCCOLATO A 5 STRATI: RICETTA "CHEESECAKE AL CIOCCOLATO":RICETTA "LA VERA RICETTA DEI CANNOLI SICILIANI": RICETTA "TORTA DEVIL CON PANNA E FRAGOLE": RICETTA "CIAMBELLE FRITTE CON LO ZUCCHERO PALERMITANE": PLAYLIST "DOLCI & TORTE": PLAYLIST "IMPASTI LIEVITATI: PANE, PIZZA, BRIOCHE, ETC. ": PLAYLIST "RICETTE BASE DI CUCINA E PASTICCERIA": mele150 g. farina150 g. burro fuso150 g. zucchero semolato 3 cucchiai zucchero di canna1 limone4 albumi4 tuorli1 cucchiaino lievito per dolciCannella q.b.1 pizzico di sale

Bryan Paz

1:11 don’t want to jump to conclusions but I think they were sponsored by Pringles


Who is panda? 4:36


Je suis un français



I Love Queen

And this is why we have the NHS in Britain

Loneliness = sadness Uncontrollable= Ephesians 6:10-20

Eva Lindberg

kind of tired of seeing Lilith so much almost in each and every game, but I'll take it

Maxwell Shin

There are 100 bricks in a plane, and one falls out. How many are left?99How do you put an elephant in a refrigerator?You open the door, you put it in, and close the door.How do you put a GIRAFFE in a refrigerator?You open the door, take the elephant out put it in, and close the door.The lion king is throwing a huge party and invited all of the animals. One animal didn't come. Who?The giraffe. He was still in the refrigerator.Sally needs to cross a crocodile infested river, but she doesn't have a boat, so she must swim. But she gets across fine. Why?All the crocodiles were at the lion kings party.Though, once she crosses, sally still dies. Why?She is hit in the head by a falling brick.

Hyrule Player

0:47 if you turn on captions then instead of aisle seat guy it says RU7DRNFJKFC seat guy.

Erez Ben Lulu

1:04 Whats the song name?

hihowareya today

Kids, find a bikini that fits.

Teezy Frm305

Do it look like I'm left off pop out again

Elaine Grunau

Coby should stay home with a cold

John Ryan

lebron james or antion brown


@steelfist43 there just jealouscause thay cant do it


Grabie grabie

panda games

D.P.B.C.I.T.Wreply if you know what it mean

Grand trunk Western productions

This was the song from the iPhone ad. Like if you noticed that

R3P_ChiTown Gaming

Who watching from 2018

Deese Quatre

Two cups of sugar...Okay this is Babish's best troll video!

lilgucci rolex

All successful people come from hardships.

the king01

At 3:14 he start smiling when shayne comes

Editing your YIAY videos

Massimiliano Cerza

Germany was winner

how to vlog in a hut

Ur editing is so well made. Keep it up

The Great Emu

Hey Guru, dont know if you missed it but there is a twilight easter egg too. Cant remember when but one time Ellie asks Joel while showing him a poster: "You know this movie?" Joel answers: "Just a shitty teenage romance. Dont even know why I watched it.".

art_ ed

Wow, gosh. I am sitting on my bed watching this video realizing how much nice and brave she is and so is her parents. I am just crying all over. How hard our parents work for us, my god!

Yosany Cruz

Esta bien dura esta canción 🙊🙉


Same shit just a different way to play it. Like always...


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