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gamer pro Jesse


Garga Blarg Blarg

I have a feeling that the football was a reference to the football in halo 2 but I don't I never really paid attention to the halo games.

Jessie Joseph

Chris Brown and drake are friends ??? Wtf

She couldn't help you, so she married you instead

John Gabriel Ferraer

You don’t have to change the way you are. Your in God’s image, the way he sees you.

Ron Booker


Mary Jane

This was stupid

Matttoni 553

Great :)


Филип Киркоров

Activiton Gay Flag

Aidan Leffler

12:51 i fuckin hate


I only watch minute videos because theyre realistic unlike other animation channels

Damien Bani

Are you real

time with the fam

travis saints

Iya Studios

Hey sugar..

Alittle MilkJar


Ali Raze

why would you sell it??

I wish i was I member of the yogcast

Grukid what the song that you used



Cristian Chiurazzi


Shannon Mann


Melanie Oropeza

I’m eating chips right now 😂

Tiffany Mckee


Jay McHue

Their BABY, folks, not their fetus. It's a baby, a human being, a person.

Matt Grammer

Wtf is this? Stop it. And who the fuck is jeff... Like the meme?! "My name is jahh" . i just laughed harder at the memory of tht meme thn anything lele ever made

BalisticSpider Call of Madeness

I will subevery month for u DudePerfect

Aidan Zaki

Eggie jr: hi Mommy hi Daddy Daddy and Mommy : bash the head

Sco ober

2019 any one here

Huge Disappoint

I'm not sure, but I think there's some sort of a business card on the game with the name "Jack Sullivinsky"

“Storm Breaker”

thank the gods!


Have a seven foot friend and walk together and you will know that four steps is one for him hahaha

(Guess I'm the only one that looks like a skeleton) ((joke))


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