How to improve hunchback posture while you sleep: the best sleeping position

Have hunchback posture? Learn the best sleeping positions to make sure you don’t make your hunchback worse!The Hunchback Fix: Posture Principles: MORE UPRIGHT HEALTHPodcast: VIDEOSFix your hunchback in 3 minutes - to strengthen your shoulders and improve posture - for kyphosis - ways to help fix stubborn kyphosis - LINKSEverything you need to know about posture: Exclusive Shoulder Tips: (in-person and online): THIS VIDEOIn this video, Matt talks about the best sleeping positions for hunchback posture. If you have hunchback posture, the last thing you want to do is make your posture worse while you sleep. The simple tricks Matt demonstrates in this video will show you how to adjust your sleeping positions so you can improve your hunchback while you sleep (or at least not make it worse)! -----Support Us on Patreon:

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