How to Apply Silicone - the COMPLETE Pro Guide

As the title suggests, this video contains literally everything you need to know to take you from a beginner to a professional siliconer! I talk you through the 7 things that you should NOT DO when applying silicone, followed by my 12 GOLDEN RULES for achieving perfect silicone joints - applying these rules at the end of the video to new silicone joints in the tricky, hand glazed tiles in my bathroom shower area. Today's Tool Kit * (see below*)- Cramer FUGI Kit Profiling Tool with 16 profile shapes and the FUGI II guiding aid for transverse joints - You can buy it from here £16.95 - Heavy Duty Silicone applicator gun £12.56 (buy a good one as the cheap ones tend to break)- Dow Corning 781 Clear Silicone £5.49- Mapesil AC 103 Moon White coloured Silicone £8.00- Everbuild Sealant Strip Out Tool £7.99- Stanley Knife £16.99- Stanley Scraper £5.98- Silicone Remover £13.11 or for a cheaper alternative £6.41 * These are Amazon Affiliate links. You don't have to buy through Amazon, but it doesn't cost you any extra to buy using these link and it helps me to make a little money from these videos, so I can keep providing you with this free content.MY 12 GOLDEN RULES FOR THE PERFECT SILICONE JOINT- De-grease joints first with methylated spirit or acetone- Use the right silicone for your joint - high or low modulus- Use a FUGI Silicone Profiling Tool- Look for the greatest gap & select smallest tool to cover gap + 2/3mm- Cut the silicone nozzle at 90 degrees ie straight across &- Push the silicone into the joint- Aim to cover 2 not 3 sides of the joint- Use adapter for smooth lines over transverse joints- Work in short sections- Corners - up first then right to left- Clean Fugi with paper towel when finishedWHAT NOT TO DO- Don't use tape- Don't use your finger- Don't shape silicone in a concave profile- Don't use water & detergent- Don't cut the nozzle really small or at 45 degrees- Don't pull the nozzle along the joint- Try not to cover all 3 sides of the jointSUBSCRIBE - you can subscribe to my Channel here:CONNECT!Charlie DIYte--

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