공민성 - Hotel California(Eagles, 편곡) [제8회 어쿠스틱기타 경연대회 축하공연]

제8회 어쿠스틱기타 경연대회 축하공연 무대입니다. 지난 7회 대회의 대상 수상자, 공민성이 연주하는 [Eagles - Hotel California(편곡)]입니다.

Eshu Belgotra

Guys pause at 2:05 dj khaled

Pixie Sky

Well, there’s no Texas Roadhouse where I’m from, but the outback in my city has some of the best food I’ve ever had!

Peter Tivade


Cael Ward

the first easter egg was the same as just cause3

Mr. Failure

Do you have something to do with team edge?

Brandon Morgan

Love your vids man keep it up I always look forward to watching these

Jennifer Lynn

ddududdude dude pdude pedude perdude perfdude perfedude perfecdude perfect

Madison Boasko


Will Blake

Whats the name of the song??? @Dude Perfect 

LeBron james

You should invite mi I'm a big fan of the Seahawks and Russel Wilson and dude perfect

It's a couch with wheels.


This is how many people like builder


Jonny is and everyone else is is doing the can newton celebration

guntars mierins

Enough! I will never watch your videos again.

Char Gallegos

Why does cody go with small things


Rahim Islam

Terraria makes a reference to killings bunnies.

Murnock Family Channel

This is my favorite show!!!!

Kerrie Lawless

I legit just read the hunger games

Racko's Lair

You're so smart ya' know? I never could think that sound signal could be decoded to a picture o:


Justin Bieber

Sarah Manrique

potato ricer lmao this has been a thing in peru forever

Nour Elgamal

The best one is the Banking gonger


this bgm sounds like music from My Time at Portia...

CrazyStorm420 YT

I also had many tubes throughout my body but I actually had more tubes

Paul Russell

Ty can be such a poor loser at times.

Mirza Zeruis


deepak sachdeva

You are ossum guys

Brayden winn


♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞

It was originally a PSP game.I don't know what got into them and put it in a PS2 format but as far as my PSP collection goes,this game is a great addition and in fact,it's better than many other games made for it.If people would stop hating it because it was made by HIG,then I can tell you for surte,half the hate would be gone.Of course it doesnt have as good graphics and style.But it's a different company and they tried really hard and I think the game was fun,same or not.

Sienna Ritten


Madam Rabbit

My primary years are filled with isolation and bully too, but i just dont care, more like stop carring of anything, it starts out as ignoring their words and actions, then bad grades i dont care, injuries i dont care, getting to troubles i dont care, being a bad person i still dont care. If i feel like it Ill annoy them to death. Like being an loud idiot mentally retared they say i was, I yell and hit and annoy them to death

Daily Memes


Yusuf Gilgil

ur depressing me even more

Dude dude dude dude

President Donald J. Trump

Flour blows up, who knew? Yay, I get bonus points and I'm awesome.

silent knight

Creepy easter eggs.... Creepster eggs :0

Eid Hussein

Anyone who sees the striking resembelence of Kevon Looney and Anthony joshua from angle

Journey-Leigh Reno-Tautau

so sad! cries

Gage Gwilt

my favorite was the panda ambush

Therredleader 325

my realatives have space pirates and when ever i visit them i always play it and my top level is 9 i am so good

Mayckel Dragun

Me encanta este tema 🥳🥰

maliiha riaz


Bella Haines

His dad looks like Preacher Lawson in 40 years

That's crazy

Cats Are cute


Dori Hooks

what is the song in the background called

Jay Clinton

2:00 - The samurai was the best

Kadyn Whitaker

Is you ok


I’m uncomfortable

Matty Hildebrand

How many things has ty destroyed


Video would be 1000x better if directed by Cole Bennett

When asked why lucifer replied ,"his made from clay and im made from smokeless flame".


i want a farm

Ward Frazier



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