also watch ब्रह्मांड के रहस्य on ↓video is made by HARSH & Powered by Knowledge TVThis video tells us how our old saints could do anything with the help of "KRIYAYOGA" & the other spiritual powers. The teacher of all teachers is Shree babaji mahavatara. He teaches this kinds of power to all his students. Shree lahiri mahasaya is one of his student . And he teaches to Shree yukteshwara giri . And the last yukteshwara giri teaches to Shree paramhansa yogananda. The life of paramhansa yogananda is spiritual. Also he wrote many books on this kinds of powers and his on life. His famous book is " AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI ".His book is our jewellery cause this kinds of powers are described in his book with the scientific reason. in our modern age there are many new technologies but none of them is able to do this kind of stuff. Also the new technologies are much more harmful than our vedik powers. We have to do interest in our old culture and have to learn this kinds of abilities. If we think that these are just useless and fake we are just shaming our old parents. Now times in India our so called generation is just wasting their time on social media and youtube for pranks and other useless stuffs. So we have to think and do right action about these abilities.-----------------------------------------------------------all rights are reserved©Source : 1) An autobiography of a yogi 2) the holy energy 3) and other books of paramhansa yoganand -----------------------------------------------------------LIKE , SHARE , COMMENT DON'T FORGET TO "SUBSCRIBE"----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WAIT FOR NEXT VIDEO &THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND YOUR BLESSINGS..........................................................----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Johnny Johnny

I just searched this up, but there is a cure!

Miggy S.

Your bone structure is giving my Bone Structure - I died

Joshie Bear

Oh boohoo - overpaid athlete gets shoved by old man.. After swan diving into two ladies and nearly knocking her unconscious.

Athar 09

World record , dude perfect edition 😂😂😂😂😂

brechelle pierce

I am sorry for you

Veerendra Joshi

I wanna buy it. Do you guys deliver in India

Qu4ntum Dr4g0n

Them editing skeeeeelllz


Animated eggs and bacon will always taste better in my mind than the real thing...

N.syarmy Jeon

why...i'm crying when i see you'r face kookie

Samantha Jackson

Am I the only one who didn't understand anything?😂

Janelle Gantef

The kids were in a pentagram

Shaswati Phukan


Ryan Ryan

I HATE the rage monster.


The last easter egg, can be gravemine ?

Larry Mooney

I am going to cry

John Ismael

The guitar😭😭😭

Mary the queen

Im depresed too ;-;

PyroManiac Stakka


Maddie Manaois

I think his wife is not using the remote


Awesome vid, did you know that in Raiders of the Lost Ark you can see a C3PO and R2D2 drawing in a wall when Indy is lifting the Ark? Also in Predator 2 I think, there is a scene in which you can see a Xenomorph's skull from the Alien movies

Imani Arr

My grandma's baby died in her stomach my mother my auntie and uncle would have had a older bother but that did not happen when my grandma told me this I thought I wonder what it would be like to have the uncle I have always wanted not that I love the uncle's I have but yeah my uncle's life took the wrong turn and I want to know what we're they going to name him was he going to be the best uncle the world but I I don't know because he died I am sorry you had to read this long comment but I can kinda see what this mother was going through and I beat... No wait I Know she would have been the best mother in the world and the man that killed himself would have been a great father alive or dead


Damn, the Shrek one surprised me. I've never pay attention to them.


I forgot how classy she is. Her words are sexier than her cleavage.

Triciana Bingham

they never miss

Dalton Chapman

i was watching this while pounding chicken wings...

phoebe ann gatt benetti

I am a 100% the SUPER-fan

Stop reading the comments and watch the video

Rainbowtwinkle 2000

I tried showing/ telling my mum I think I have atelephobia (fear of never being good enough) but she said I was atention seeking and faking. I just feel worse...

OMG my friend is a fan of Harry potter

Ps: This is a real life happening and it taught them not to mess with girls. So do not, by any chance, mess with girls.

Tyson Jaramillo

4:00 wh else saw "the rapist" instead of "therapist" in the upper left corner

SmellyCaveman 101



Annie Moose

Yikessss this is super misogynistic

Alymashrol Damit


nasrin akter


William Hamilton

Here's what bothers me, we know that they rebuilt the levees in New Orleans, and there are tons of pictures on it. Where are the pictures showing New York building a wall to protect against the ocean? I see pictures of no walls, when is it happening?

Crizza Park

Woah No.2 Trending in Philippines. Keep slaying Twice !❤️

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ru kidding

May Bailer

I really don't like that girl for bullying Mary. That poor girl was cutting herself! And she didn't even care.


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