High Protein Frozen Yogurt with Quark – Maxinutrition Recipes by Warren Nash

If you’re looking for a high protein frozen yogurt recipe then try this alternative made with Quark cheese. Quark is high in protein and contains 0% fat. This recipe contains 20g protein, 154 calories and 1.2g fat per serving.This is a Maxinutrition recipe using vanilla flavour Promax. It’s great as a high protein snack or breakfast. This fro yo is also vegetarian friendly.Get the directions for my protein frozen yogurt on my website: to subscribe to my channel for more recipes, cooking guides and collaborations here: (Serves 3 | Prep time: 5m Cooking time: 0m | 154 calories 1.2g fat 20g protein p/serving):- 42g Maxinutrition Vanilla Promax- 250g 0% fat Quark Cheese- 4 tbsp 1% Milk- 2 tbsp Honey- 220g Frozen Summer Fruits



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